Ek leaving... and maybe me too

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Postby Garylisk » Mon Jul 01, 2002 11:38 am

:shock: DUDE! HSIEN! WTF is up with your avatar!!!? :shock:

*hides from it*
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Postby Kusoyaro » Mon Jul 01, 2002 11:43 am

Garylisk wrote::shock: DUDE! HSIEN! WTF is up with your avatar!!!? :shock:

*hides from it*

It's Paizuri. Learn to love him, because he's not going away, no matter how many times I kick him down my staircase.
I have no idea how to use this new forum.
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Postby paizuri » Mon Jul 01, 2002 12:27 pm

Kusoyaro wrote:
Garylisk wrote::shock: DUDE! HSIEN! WTF is up with your avatar!!!? :shock:

*hides from it*

It's Paizuri. Learn to love him, because he's not going away, no matter how many times I kick him down my staircase.

What can I say? I'm hyperactive. But you know what? I. GET. KNOCKED. DOWN. But I get up again! :D
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Postby NPC3000 » Mon Jul 01, 2002 12:46 pm

Kusoyaro wrote:BTW - in case you missed it, I am NOT leaving, and am not sure why people thought I was.

Nice to know you're not leaving too Hsien, that last post was getting me worried! :D
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Postby Hakura » Mon Jul 01, 2002 12:47 pm

*L* Wait to go *L* My comp is still dead >< I'm borrowing a friends right now :( I *pray* that my hard drive did not die ^^

But I will have to wait and saee..too many good AMV projects on it ^^; I should know soon ^^

Anyway I like the new boards and *waves and hugs* Hi hi everyone ^^
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Re: Woop dee dooo :p

Postby Sub0 » Mon Jul 01, 2002 12:49 pm

klinky wrote:The thing is I don't really care if people leave.

I do care if people cry and want sympathy before doing so.

"If you want to leave.... then leave now" <---- Gendo-time.

Everyone deals and dishes the same shit here. If it's too hot to handle for you then it's time to pack up and leave. This has happened atleast a couple times since I've been here.. Grrrrrrr.

Maboroshi, I like your videos and all, but as for you actually "hanging out" here, I've hardly ever seen you. It's kinda like saying "Iam leaving", but not actually ever being here. Yes Yes. People are busy, people have things to do. It's easier to just leave then post about how you're thinking about leaving.

No one really holds much weight around here. The only real person who can make a difference is Phade. Someone leaving by saying that there are too many meanies on the forum isn't going to get the point across or make the meanies go away.

EK = good artist, does it mean I care if she doesn't want to stick around, no.....

I just don't see the point in these posts..


good point, hehehe Gendo time...

I *MIGHT* miss EK, others will miss her moreso, some will just miss big big truck! :wink:

But other than Mabaroshi's vids I haven't seen him much... coarse I usually just stick around a few forums but I've seen EK alot. Anyway, I'm gonna miss EK... And I like Ermacs pov (for once)
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Postby Sub0 » Mon Jul 01, 2002 1:34 pm

"I had a quote from Puni put I lost it...."

everybody does a little amount of looking for sympathy, it's human nature (maybe the greatest thing that makes you think Melphina is a bit too human imo -yech!-) just point it out once and pass on... anything else would be as elitist as getting pissed at reviews!

And you see Klinky's post as rude... kinda' makes you feel sorry about Mab, all these bruises for walking out into the information super highway, though he looked for cars... but without his glasses ;-p.

MaboroshiStudio wrote:Punistation,
what I was getting at was doing away with current reviewing and get more to the basics which is having the amvs catalogued very much like you even pointed out. I am not going to get into a charcater debate here as well since that will accomplish nothing.

wrong forum man....

MaboroshiStudio wrote:I think you might have saw my comments coming off as elitest and I can see why, but you have taken things way out of context to make it seem like I said things I didn't. My problem was with the current reviewing system and that I think a better alternative solution could be devised. I don't like the idea of creator only voting (I agree this is very elitest and not a solution) and maybe Phade should amend some of the changes he has made in the past. Originally, he had it so you could vote and leave no feedback... he changed that so people wouldn't be giving out overglorified reviews with no content, but of course that didn't stop people since now they usually say great or prefect.

I also didn't mean give an ultimatum and don't expect Phade to bend to my will... as if. I was making comments on why I was considering leaving and suggestions. I also have personal reasons to take a step back away from a-m-v.org since I just don't have the time and don't even have my website / videos up currently. So why don't you not make assumptions about what I meant... and if you saw it coming off as a ultimatum I apologize since that wasn't my intention. If you disagree with me fine and try to debate about it without resorting flame tatics. I agree my comments were a bit rash and while talking with Machine more after I posted I really didn't like the idea of creator only and thumb fan reviews.

I also was opening the subject up for debate... not that what I thought was law. I was throwing ideas out there and opening up debate so that people could share their views. I don't appreciate how you have attacked me in the manner as you have vs asking for clarification first of what I was getting at... I might have worded it poorly, but you have taken this really personally obviously so much that you had to flame me and I apologize for offending you. Also, in no way was I directing my comments towards reviewers that actually put effort into it. I know I have been bad myself not responding to all of my reviews. As far as not valuing reviews from people I don't know it is hard honestly to accept a review from a total stranger. I didn't say always (as you would have people believe) since I have had some very insight reviews from people I don't know that have made me look at things in a different light.

I would just like to see reviews with actual comments and what I said on worship reviews was talk about reviews with no content and perfect 10s... now if you are defending that style of reviewing that is your opinion (note I am not saying this is what you meant), but don't make it out like I am an elitest for bringing this point up. I hope this clears things up a little bit and hope you accept my apology.

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Postby paladine » Mon Jul 01, 2002 5:09 pm

I'm sorry to hear that everyone is leaving. it's even sadder because of te reasons why.

Before this site i heard of very few people who did AMVs. They included all the big names that everyone has come to know an love. I even put up a site for a short time, but took it down simply because i didn't care to spend the time to maintain it.

This site has provided a valuable means of communication, outside of the Cons for people who love anime and most of all AMVs.

i think that the rating system isn't perfect I don't think that leaving is the answer. i also think that your setting your hopes too high by expecting "constructive criticism" from all the people all of the time. it's unfair to expect constructive criticism from anyone whom you don't know will give you the kind of criticism you are looking for.

We all started off as fans, enjoying someone elses' AMV. Some of us it's obvious take AMV making a lot more seriously than the majority. But most of this community are fans that just love to watch anime and AMVs.

it is dissapointing that very few people on this forum truly love to make AMVs with the depth and though that you'd like or even at the very least with a little creativity, but in reality, i think that there is very little that can sway the mind of an AMV creeator. He is a slave to his vision in so far as he can make it visible on screen. Only someone of equal caliber in the eyes if the creator can share, understand and develop that vision to it's full potential.

so what's my point?

Don't expect everyne to think the same whay you do. you have to pick and choose who you listen to. As long as you're true to your ideals are you're visions and creatins won't be tainted by the mindless dribble of the masses.

You all know this, why all the fuss? We should be debating on what kind of system we would find more effective and usefull.(i don't think one exists tough) but it's worth a shot right?
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Postby temjin » Mon Jul 01, 2002 5:19 pm

hmmm, this post still going? well, just in case you wondering. rat in a cage by smashing pumpkins is a great song. so stop stomping shrooms in your basement freakin' hippies.
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Re: In words I hear you still whispering/Your face is so unc

Postby FirestormXIII » Mon Jul 01, 2002 10:21 pm

AbsoluteDestiny wrote:Sorry Firestorm, talking on AIM yesterday, EK officially dubbed me keeper of the dancing dino.


Well, can I have 'The Edge' then? (Wishes he knew EK's IM name so he could ask her)
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Postby OrionPro001 » Mon Jul 01, 2002 10:30 pm

temjin wrote:hmmm, this post still going? well, just in case you wondering. rat in a cage by smashing pumpkins is a great song. so stop stomping shrooms in your basement freakin' hippies.

Yeah that song there ROXXXOORRRR!!!!!
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go go go

Postby StudioKZ » Mon Jul 01, 2002 11:36 pm

There's more to it than that, Joe.

Music Videos in general are going the way of Cosplay and it's really troubling in a way, because it's leading down more of a 'I make videos so I can be cool and show off what I can do with my Computer and my Anime Collection' path than one of 'I make videos because I think videos are cool and I want to get these ideas out of my head!'. The Org is just the sounding board for the overall outburst from people who are looking more for an 'in' to some perceived convention inner circle than people looking for a creative outlet.

The Org isn't the problem, nor is the problem the way things are done on The Org. The problem is with the AMV community in general. I was sitting in AIM chat the other day and somebody was asking what sort of software and hardware they should start out with. I pointed out that many people started out with the cheapie cheapie stuff, DC-10s, All In Wonders, and Video Editing software like Avid Cinema or Ulead and several people jumped on me about how that was wrong and how the people just starting out should have the stuff they're going to be using a year or two from now and how every new creator should start in Premiere and how they should start with the $ 3-500+ dedicated cards cause that was somehow the key to making good videos.

Lots of people have gotten premiere and gotten the expensive editing cards and have you seen any of the videos from this year, so far? There's maybe FIVE memorable ones that have debuted at any cons thus far. FIVE... We're mid-way through Con Season this month. I realize many people are saving up for AWA,(I also realize a lot of creativity is tied up in DDR2) but still, FIVE?!? Everything else is mostly mediocre. I also notice a serious lack of Comedy entrants at all this year. I can't remember seeing one video this year that was Intended as a Comedy that made me laugh (well, PFS and all of the various 'Wrong' Videos aside). Even the Light Hearted 'Fun' videos are few and far between this year (Muchas Smoochas to MTT)

I don't know if the problem is competition at cons, the panels, the dedicated track, the same 'celebrities' sitting on panels at every con, AMV creators being involved in cons and thus getting more 'guest'-like status, the fact that the older AMV creators(the 'celebrities') are friends and tend to hang out together at cons and this being looked upon as somehow being 'in the clique' or above the rest and so in order to elevate themselves to that level, newer creators are lording their accomplishments over others in an attempt to get themselves noticed and get themselves onto a Panel. (Actually I think I just summed up 90% of the problem right in that paragraph, and then I have to wonder if I'm not part of the problem -.-; )

As for the Phorum, you'll notice severe lack of presence by 90% of the old guard anyways, as the Phorum is worse even than the ML for signal to noise anymore. This is my first foray into the forums in over a month, I don't see anything new or any compelling reason for me to stay.
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Postby StudioKZ » Mon Jul 01, 2002 11:38 pm

Incidentally, there is no song called 'Rat in a Cage', There IS a song called 'Bullet with Butterfly Wings'...
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Postby StudioKZ » Tue Jul 02, 2002 12:08 am

Jeez, this multiple pages thing threw me, I didn't notice that there were nine pages between my reply and the post I was replying to.
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JBone is the bomb!

Postby OmniStrata » Tue Jul 02, 2002 8:45 am

Not only is he most opinionated, but he's totally correct. Take things on this site too seriously, and you hurt yourself the most.

I love my signature by the way.

Oh yeah, I've got to ask ErMaC and icechai for a favor laterz.

My original signature as a gag was supposed to look like this:

I'm STRATA! I'm NOBODY'S BITCH! YOU (points to dokidoki) are MINE! And YOU (points to ErMaC) and YOU! (points to Hsien). I don't need to know you. (points to Aokakesu) YOU, need to know me! (points to the whole org). I WILL BE THE ONE!

Of course, that sig is a little too long and each time I see it, I must control myself from laughing my ass off...


Have fun people! I know I will...
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