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Postby Rurounikeitaro » Thu Mar 23, 2006 8:16 am

shinodude wrote:
Kitsuner wrote:
shinodude wrote:
aielI_Ileia wrote:
shinodude wrote:
Kitsuner wrote:
shinodude wrote:
Kitsuner wrote:
shinodude wrote:
Kitsuner wrote:Picture
So... I went to Marine World this weekend and ended up actually getting one of those roller coaster pictures... :/

I thought you where 13 >.>

How many times do I have to tell you? I'm 12. :/

omg i was off by a year....wich is you?

I'm the one on the left with the glasses.

not to be offencive in any way but I find it awkward for a 12 year old to be getitng side burns not to be offencive

Someone is jealous of Kit's big boy hairs. :lol:

lmao no I just got come across a 12 boy that is getting as you said " big boy hairs"

What? I'm told that it's perfectly natural... :\

it is perfectly natural its just usally it dont happend till 13 or so form what iv notived but i have noticed to year olds with arm pit hair XD
Whoa! Look at all the boxes! lol!

Yeah, you look way older than 12 dude, I bet you could go to a bar and buy a drink easily....unlike me "excuse me, only people above the age of 16 can come into this party" "WTF!! Dude! I'm 18!!" Friends who are 16 and 17 laugh hysterically. :x

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