When you here the music...

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When you here the music...

Postby MAS PRODUCTIONS » Wed Jul 10, 2002 4:19 am

This happens to me all the time, but when I listen to a song I always thing of a very good music video done to it even when I dont try to. I was wondering if any of you have did the same thing, if so post the video title and song here. Here is an example:

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Postby grayplague » Wed Jul 10, 2002 7:30 am

This just happened to me a few days ago. But I haven't had time to make the video yet so im not telling :wink:
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Postby jbone » Wed Jul 10, 2002 11:55 am

When I where the music?
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Postby TekkaRepliroid Zero » Wed Jul 10, 2002 12:09 pm

Happens frequently.

P.S. Hear
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Postby mckeed » Wed Jul 10, 2002 12:30 pm

yeah...same here....it happens to me quite a bit....either that or I make one up in my head that I could do if I only had the time.
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Postby TobinHood » Wed Jul 10, 2002 1:50 pm

Everytime I hear a song, no matter how good or crappy, I always picture a quick video in my head that I will never do. ^^
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Postby AMVUserII » Wed Jul 10, 2002 4:49 pm

yup I do the same.........except I jot down my ideas for future reference...
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Postby FirestormXIII » Wed Jul 10, 2002 5:44 pm

I get two different things when I listen to music:

#1. I 'see' a video that was already done by someone else to the song. (Right Here, Right Now-'To the Stars' by Great Wang)
#2. I start forming solid concepts and ideas for new videos. I use to be able to remember them all without writing them down, but now I've got so many ideas I have to write the older ones down or I forget them.
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Postby Hakura » Wed Jul 10, 2002 5:50 pm

Yeah I get that a lot, with almost every song.

I jot down the really good ones that come to mind ^^
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Postby Rozard » Wed Jul 10, 2002 10:32 pm

FirestormXIII wrote:I get two different things when I listen to music:

#1. I 'see' a video that was already done by someone else to the song. (Right Here, Right Now-'To the Stars' by Great Wang)
#2. I start forming solid concepts and ideas for new videos.

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Postby nailz » Wed Jul 10, 2002 11:45 pm

jbone wrote:When I where the music?

:roll: lol.

yes, yes i do.
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Postby LongShot » Wed Jul 10, 2002 11:59 pm

Sadly, that happens most of the time my radio is on
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Postby BigshotSpike » Thu Jul 11, 2002 4:16 pm

Pretty much every video I made was done because of just listening to my CDs and picturing videos in my mind.
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Postby RichLather » Thu Jul 11, 2002 9:03 pm

I do it quite often. More than I'd like, I guess... the onl time I listen to commerical radio is to scope out songs that might make a good AMV, or work for the Columbus Crew highlight reels I make.

Then I come here to see if anyone's used the combo I imagined. :x
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Postby zenprime » Thu Jul 11, 2002 9:33 pm

Ya see, I carry around one a pad of those yellow stickies...

Whenever an idea pops in I write it down...

When I get back to my Comp, I put a stickie(if it is filled up) on the moniter...

...And now I have to go to the computer labs on campus, because I can't find my moniter in the mountain of stickies!
So I'm still a little late...

And a little clueless...

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