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Postby joey_moto108 » Mon Aug 29, 2005 11:32 am

I find trouble in some hosting services so I justdo everything on somethin like geocities.
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Postby Kariudo » Tue May 30, 2006 2:41 am

regarding pop_culture_101's question:
you won't really get a lot of answers to that question, as asking where to download or torrent footage is against the forum rules
your best bet is from a dvd...and dvd drives are pretty cheap these days

regarding Fatal sin's post...
if people can't figure out how to download/find/use an ftp program...they probably won't be able to set up a connection using the network wizard (or the mac equivalent)

Mac computers have a good ftp program included with the os (so I hear)
and you can use Internet Explorer's built in FTP on Windows machines
there's even a guide on how to use the IE ftp on this site

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