I dont think this has been done yet....Would be interesting

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I dont think this has been done yet....Would be interesting

Postby leathelanime » Mon Jul 01, 2002 8:22 am

Ok let me clear this up I am not suggesting anything! so that means there is no need to put this on the suggestions forum.

Ok heres what I wanna know,Has anyone ever Made a Trailer off of a different anime's Trailer?Just always wonderd that...
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Postby turboneko » Mon Jul 01, 2002 10:07 am

Hmm.... I am not exactly sure if I understand what you mean. You want to make:

a) an anime trailer?

b) a trailer using scenes from an existing trailer?

c) a trailer for anime A with the sound from the trailer of anime B?

I know that ErMaC has done the dual opening with the music and credit style of Eva. Not exactly the same but close enough ;)
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Postby Flint the Dwarf » Tue Jul 02, 2002 12:09 am

Hmm... if I'm right in understanding, one of my friends did such a video but she didn't put it online. It was originally someone's vid using Eva clips to make a trailer and she replaced them with DBZ clips. It's pretty funny and the clip replacement is hilariously accurate.
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