Linkin Park's Hottest New Album! (DBZ/LP Makers Rejoice!)

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Re: dumb fuck

Postby Rozard » Tue Jul 09, 2002 10:08 pm

EvilKrillin wrote:Are u stoopid or summat u tard?? I was responding to the post above mine. The guy/girl is clearly sayin that newbies ruined linkin park and DBZ because they make music vids but jus cos they make music vids doesnt stop both being cool. Its jus the actual videos that arent cool. Now do you understand you spastic??

Oh and as for me dissin her, i was dissin the fact that she seemed to think that people who listen to that kinda stuff sit round and say 'i am cool i listen to hard rock'. Well we dont so hows aboot YOU read the fuckin post before startin up ok??

Well, it looks like it's time to crack out the flame template again...


[X] Clueless Newbie
[ ] Windows Movie Maker User
[ ] RealMedia User
[X] Lamer
[ ] Pervert
[X] Geek
[X] DBZ Fan
[X] Dumbass
[ ] ErMaC

You Are Being Flamed Because:
[ ] You're a newbie and you made a DBZ video
[ ] You made your Nth DBZ video
[X] You made a typo. Obviously you have no command of the English language
[X] You really do have no command of the English language
[ ] You point out other people's typos all the time
[ ] You correct your own typos in another post
even though it's obvious what you meant
[ ] You posted in the wrong forum
[ ] You asked for free hosting
[ ] You screwed up the HTML in your post
[X] You tried to be clever/funny and failed
[ ] You compared yourself to Kevin Caldwell
[ ] You didn't capitalise your username
[ ] You talked trash in your journal
[ ] You asked how to edit RealMedia files
[ ] You added Various / Unknown to the anime/music databases
[ ] You posted a "which video is better" message
[ ] You posted a recipe
[ ] Your video link is broken
[ ] You said my video link is broken, but it's not
[ ] You overhyped your video(s)
[ ] Your incessant namedropping is annoying
[ ] You added something that obviously doesn't belong in the database
[X] Your question was lame and didn't give enough info
[ ] You didn't help me with my lame question
[ ] You asked how to rip Final Fantasy X
[ ] Your sucking up sucked
[ ] You added someone else's video to the database
(that was already there)
[ ] You asked for something already on the TODO list
[ ] You asked/posted something already asked/posted less than a week ago
[ ] You asked about something easily found via Google / the
guides / searching the forums / the Premiere manual
[ ] You posted something asking for warez (software or A/V material)
[ ] You continued a long, stupid thread
[X] You started an off-topic thread (not in the off-topic forum)
[ ] You posted a "YOU ALL SUCK" message
[ ] You haven't learned the difference between email and forums
[ ] You posted a blatantly obvious troll
[ ] You won some contest. The judges were blind/deaf/clueless!
[X] Your lame-ass attempt at a flame was boring
[ ] You use ALL-CAPS too much and use too many exclamation marks!!!!
[X] You suck
[ ] Your video sucks
[ ] Your sig/alias/server sucks
[ ] You posted a boring "LP / DBZ / LBZ sucks" message
[ ] You posted a boring "LP / DBZ / LBZ rules" message
[ ] You posted in ElItE CaPiTaLs because you think that makes you cool
[ ] You didn't write "ErMaC" correctly
[ ] You didn't do anything specific, but appear to be so generally worthless that you are being flamed anyway
[ ] You trashed a perfectly good series for no good reason

To Repent, You Must:

[ ] REFG
[ ] Review all of my videos
[ ] Pay for my video hosting
[X] Watch all the Linkin Park videos listed on the site
[X] Watch all the DBZ videos listed on the site
[X] Light yourself on fire
[X] Light the RealMedia creators on fire
[ ] Be banned
[ ] Stop watching/editing videos for a week
[ ] Give up your AOL account
[ ] Bust up your capture card/DVD-ROM with a hammer and eat it
[X] Tell your Mommy you've been a bad boy
[X] Actually post something worthwhile
[X] Be the guest of honor in alt.flame for a month

In Closing, I'd Like to Say:

[ ] Blow me
[X] Get a life
[ ] Never post again
[X] Age 10 more years before you post again
[ ] I pity your dog
[ ] Yer momma's so fat/stupid/ugly that etc...
[ ] All of the above

*** END FLAME ***

Man, where's jbone when you need him? "summat?" The fuck is that? Whatever, I'll thoughly enjoy this.
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Postby Kalean » Wed Jul 10, 2002 4:36 am

As much as I enjoyed the flame template.. v.v;; REAL MEDIA IS NOT A BAD CODEC, JUST A BAD PLAYER, AND I CAN STILL MAKE A BETTER REAL MEDIA 8 FILE FOR BITRATE THAN ANYONE CAN MAKE A DIVX 3.11 FILE!! *ahem* that is all. That being said, we should still burn real media's owners, aol, if not just for being aol, then for making real player's player even WORSE (most thought that was less than possible until real one) and for not making their encoders idiot proof (80 kbps 320 x 240 anyone?) or anything. Please. Burn them. Use the template. But goddamn, don't make me feel bad, we all know my feelings are so much more important than the common good. :P Ja.

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Postby Dark Kamui » Wed Jul 10, 2002 11:18 am


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Postby the Black Monarch » Wed Jul 10, 2002 11:34 pm

Linkin Park is good, DBZ sucks hairy ones. Thusly, DBZ is what gave Linkin Park a bad name.

*2 cents deposited*
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Postby GreyDuck » Fri Jul 12, 2002 1:42 pm

klinky wrote:The thing that's the problem is that all these hipsters, watch their DBZ on WB or Fox Kids or whatever, then go over to the radio and turn it on to a "hard rock" station and on comes Linkin' Park, and a hour later another Linkin' Park song, and another one hour later. 101.1 KUFO, which used to play cool idustrial/rock music, is now a big lamo Linkin' Park parad, where every 8th song is Linkin Park.

Repeat after me: "Corporate radio still sucks." I can say this with some authority, since I work for UFO's main competition in the market. :wink: (I love my job, and radio does have its place, but I have no illusions about the artistic merit of major-market broadcasting.)

UFO jumped the shark when they drop-kicked Bill Prescott in favor of Howard Stern, man. Not that Bill lasted long on NRK, mind you.
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