Why is it that DBZ+Linkin Park is so widely used? (serious)

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Postby iammyselfnotyou » Tue Jul 09, 2002 8:00 am

:? This is a tad off the Linkin Park topic but another band used consuctivly with DBZ is Offspring. Offspring is a good band Especially with Trigun but doesn't seem to fit to well into the DBall genre. Oh well I can't stop bad AMV's but I can try right?
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Postby the Black Monarch » Wed Jul 10, 2002 11:54 pm

The answer to this problem is extremely simple math. DragonCrap Z is the most popular Anime for videos in general, while Linkin Park is the most popular group for videos in general. Therefore, statistically, Dragoncrap Z/Linkin Park should logically be the most common combination. It's really not that hard to figure out.

The problem is only exacerbated by the fact that most of these vids are made by people who don't know how cliche it is, i.e. newbies, and therefore have bad editing skill and little or no talent.

What's funny is that if the AMV veterans made enough good LinkinCrap Z videos, it would actually improve the combo's standing rather than making it even more cliche.

For the record I used neither Linkin Park NOR DragonCrap Z for my first video. I used Crazy Town and Evangeu</o *takes a bow*
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Postby TheRealNeoHentaiMaster » Thu Jul 11, 2002 8:10 am

Jesus you people are seeing way to deeply into this, along with your own personal biases against DBZ and Linkin Park. I mean, do you honestly expect your opinions on this to matter if its clear you already hate dbz and Linkin Park anyway.
The reason for the constant Dbz/Linkin Park vids is really simple. Theyre just a really obvious and easy match. Most music vid makers are not pros, theyre beginers, and putting Dbz and Linkin Park together is something that can be really easily done by beginer. This is also why Dbz/Linkin Park vids suck so much, theyre all done by beginers. Also, beginers at music vids are most likely new to anime has well and less likely to have a huge amount of anime they own to go through for footage. No problem, Dbz is on CN every day, dont gotta worry you havent had time to by anything other than you Linkin Park album your parents probably bought you.
Stop being so condesending towards all these people just trying to start out and get some experience. When you try and learn something new, you dont instantly go for the hardest level, you start out simple, Dbz and Linkin Park together is very simple, very easy to time and match emotion and such. I know ive seen people go from producing crappy dbz/Linkin Park vids to making vids that will be remembered fondly for a long time in less then a year or two of experience making vids. Point is, give these people a break, they'll get better in time, especailly with all the great vid makers out there now to learn from now.

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Postby FirestormXIII » Thu Jul 11, 2002 5:13 pm

You've got some good points there. For a guy who's name is 'TheRealNeoHentaiMaster' you've kind of surprised me by actually having thought out posts and being polite. (Though jbone would probably say your spelling needs work)

As for LP/DBZ, there's only a couple thoughts more that I have on it. The biggest problem with the whole combo *is* the obviousness of it. It's so obvious that the mass majority of people who do the combo don't think when they do it, they just try and time hits and explosions without giving a second thought to most of the lyrics. I'm not saying everyone does this, in fact I've seen video done to 'With You' that does a good job of presenting Future Trunks' relationship with Vegeta and Bulma. But the flipside of that is people that use say, 'Pushing Me Away', or 'Points of Authority' without addressing what the song is talking about.

It's ok for something to be obvious, but as an AMV creator you're supposed to have vision or inspiration. Those two qualities basically require that you at least think about what you're putting together.
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