Silence Of Saturn Video! ^_^

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Silence Of Saturn Video! ^_^

Postby princess_raye » Sun Jun 30, 2002 11:45 am

Hay Guys!
im newish here to be gentle ^_^
i was just wondering if any of you have downloaded my video called 'Silence of Saturn' or 'Silence of Hotaru'
cos i was just wondering what you guys think of it?
its not amazing i know cos i dont have a decent video RM maker like some people, i just have a plain old MovieMaker on Windows ME.
So after you see it could you tell me what u think of it?
Oh 1 more thing do any of you know where i can get a free downloadable AVI to RM Converter?
well cya later!
Luv ~Princess Raye~ :P
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Postby SpPANDA » Sun Jun 30, 2002 11:55 am

now if i were a mod i'd move this thread down a few topics...

but NO... not a mod.

so I WONT!

bwa ha ha.

in any case..
sure.. i'll download your vid
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Postby temjin » Sun Jun 30, 2002 12:55 pm

my eyes burn. oh wait, DON'T put salt in your eyes. damnit...
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wrong forum

Postby mckeed » Sun Jun 30, 2002 4:16 pm

This might be better in video anouncements or in the optionion exchange forum if you are willing to exchange reviews.
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