Whats a nice cheap to kill myself from Amv C Block.....

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Postby ErMaC » Sun Jul 28, 2002 10:25 am

probably creator's block.

BTW I've gone through, in the course of making one video:

Two 2lb. tubes of raw Nestle's Tollhouse cookie dough
Two cans of pizzalicious pringles
Four 2 liter bottles of Diet Pepsi
One box of Wheat Thins
Four granola bars.
Two Pizza Pockets

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Postby AbsoluteDestiny » Sun Jul 28, 2002 10:28 am

Yes, I'm presuming AMV C Block means AMV Creators Block - similar to writers block.

Nothing to do with cocks, unless you are making H videos.

ErMaC - you fat bastard :P

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Postby mexicanjunior » Sun Jul 28, 2002 10:34 am

AbsoluteDestiny wrote:Yes, I'm presuming AMV C Block means AMV Creators Block - similar to writers block.

Ahhh, I stand corrected. ^_^;,,

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Postby CaTaClYsM » Sun Jul 28, 2002 2:43 pm

aww, I kinda liked the cock block thing better. Can we stick with that? :)

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Postby trythil » Sun Jul 28, 2002 2:53 pm

Eh, the first time I saw this subject line, I thought he was proposing that we ask ARIN for our own /24. Shows what a geek I am. :)

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