Your first and latest videos

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Your first and latest videos

Postby macchinainterna » Sun Apr 13, 2014 7:53 pm

Have you ever looked back at some of your earliest videos after releasing a new one and just thought about how far you've come in editing? Do you like the direction you've taken your creativity in? Do you think you've improved a lot?

Post your very first video and then post your newest one, and give a little insight on both of them. What changed for you between these two videos? What programs did you use to make them? Where do you think you will go after having finished your latest one?

My first video
Spoiler :


This was my first amv, made in July of 2006. I made it using Windows Movie Maker over the span of 3 weeks. I had very little understanding of the use of Avisynth for prepping my footage, and my video quality suffered greatly because of it. It was also very frustrating working with such a difficult program, and it convinced me to invest in better editing software before I started a new video. A month later I got Sony Vegas 6 and used it for my video editing up until this last summer when I finally built my new computer.

I should also make note of the shame I must live with knowing that I started my editing experience with making a Nickelback amv :uhoh:

My latest video
Spoiler :


Just released a week ago, Notfrozen is the first full video I've completed entirely in Adobe Premiere CS6 (Veneration was started with Sony Vegas 6). It took me just a little over two weeks to finish it. I try my best to improve on each video I make. However, I have to remind myself from time to time that having fun is the most important part of this hobby. I'm happy to just make videos to movies and music that I love. :)

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Re: Your first and latest videos

Postby AMV_4000 » Thu May 01, 2014 10:48 am

first video (using pc): DBZ and Kid Rock back in 2000
First video (using 2 vcr): DBZ, i can't remember which song was my first, back in 1999

Latest Video: DBZ and Don't Hug Me I'm Scared..

I haven't come very far...

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Re: Your first and latest videos

Postby ngsilver » Fri May 02, 2014 2:17 am

First Video:
Spoiler :

This was my first video I ever made, back in the summer of 2002. I was just learning to use Adobe Premier 6.5 at the time. I didn't have a DVD drive in my PC so I captured the footage using the PVR I bought for college. All the footage came from VHS and DVDs that I had of Kenshin at the time. I didn't know how to do a proper crossfade or use the opacity rubber band yet so I experimented with stock transitions and just placing things on the timeline. Rather then cut the subtitles out of the footage (I didn't know how to even do that) I tried to use the subtitles to tell a story in the video. I didn't take any classes or even read any guides or instructions online and pretty much learned how to do what I did from doing it. I believe I spent a few months making this from the recording of the footage to figuring out the program to finally finishing the video.

Newest Video:
Spoiler :
Youmacon 2013 Opening Ceremonies Video

Not an AMV but the most recent editing and video I did. I did this during October/November 2013. I've been using Adobe Premier Pro CC for quite a while now and have gotten used to doing pretty much all my editing work in Premier rather then using Photoshop or AE for things due to the effects engine in Premier. Unlike my first video, I recorded most of the footage myself using my own video camera and what I did record I did on Thursday of the con, the day before the video was set to premier. Thankfully, I had done most of the prep work earlier in the month such as setting all the areas I would use recorded footage and what not. What I didn't record I grabbed from online and from content we received for each guest, this mostly consisted of anime clips and pics. Rather then working completely from scratch as I did with my first video I decided to try to emulate the look and style of the Ending Credits segment from Iron Man 3 and overall I think I did a pretty good job with the limited amount of time I had. I think overall I spent about 2 weeks working on this video, most of the time spent at con during setup doing recording and then the final editing.

I like to think I've come quite far over the last 12 years. I wouldn't say I've moved on from AMV editing, but I have started and enjoy working on my own footage more then just AMV making and as such my releases have slowed down. Overall I've figured out what my style is and continue to make the videos I want to make and see. Now if I can just get that short film finished...

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Re: Your first and latest videos

Postby ArekkosuAMV » Sun May 04, 2014 3:39 am

Hi this is my first AMV : can you tell your opinion about this or give me a tips about AMV creating.

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Re: Your first and latest videos

Postby Uzumakiclan45 » Sun May 04, 2014 11:50 am

My first actual AMV:
Spoiler :

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Re: Your first and latest videos

Postby Gene Starwind 21122 » Mon May 05, 2014 6:46 am

My first amv 2002

This amv was made after I went to the Otakon AMV contest in 2002. I was inspired by alternatefutures - Light of Day video and Senta Millers - Path of Deus. I just recently saw Creed's video for My Sacrifice on VH1, yes VH1 actually use to play videos back then, and was inspired by that too. So I picked my favorite animes at the time and put this video together. I also dedicated to my grandfather who just passed away then.

My newest amv (May 4th 2014)

My latest amv I really wanted to get back into editing. I wanted to put together a video using Fairy Tail just because it's such an impactful anime. I heard Thousand Foot Krutch back in 2005 with Sierra Lorna's AMV Phenomenon, ever since then I've been listening to this band. I heard Courtesy Call and it just had the feel of Fairy Tail, it was dark at times and ralling at times. Fairy Tail is such a roller coast of anime and so is this song. While I was editing I just let the music take me on the ride. I have to say that ride was a lot of fun.

Have you ever looked back at some of your earliest videos after releasing a new one and just thought about how far you've come in editing?

I have looked at my earlier works. I think I have come a far way since my first amv. While back in my first amv I had the idea of a story, and a message in the video. The timing was off, bad source footage (*cough* cartoon network logo *cough*), lipsyncing attempt if you can call it that. Now the source footage is amazing looking thanks to help from technology, I think I have improved on my timing, and lipsync has gotten better over the years. This all just took practice and help from people I know here on the org. If it wasn't for their help, I don't think I would have improved as much as I have.

Do you like the direction you've taken your creativity in?

I like how I am able to tell a story or deliver a message in the video. Give my action videos what I would like to call "attitude". However I would love to know how some of these editors imagine up these special effects. I just don't have the creativity to come up with crazy effects or where I would put them in the video. Special Effects are my weak point.

Do you think you've improved a lot?

Well as I answered before I think I have improved in some areas, while in the special effect department I think I can still use a lot more improvement.

What changed for you between these two videos?

The thing that changed between these two videos is just my experience in editing. Knowing how to time stuff better, and getting better source footage. Being more paitent over the years. Not rushing my videos. Besides that the core is still there with storytelling and emotion in the video.

What programs did you use to make them?

I used Windows Movie Maker for my first AMV, my latest one and most of my videos from 2005 on Adobe Premiere 6.0.

Where do you think you will go after having finished your latest one?

I'm starting on my next amv for AWA now. I plan on being around for a while. I found my passion again, so only time will tell.

This has been an amazing thing to talk about. Great post macchinainterna.

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