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Re: Your Life Story

Postby Qyot27 » Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:44 pm

How you got into AMVs:
In early 2002 during Sophomore year, I ended up finding some while just browsing around for other stuff. I vaguely seem to remember that my sister had seen a couple and these were lying around on the hard drive, but I honestly can't recall.

The earliest one I have a clear memory of downloading and watching was Maboroshi's Information High video, around April or May 2002. After that I also started seeing AMVs pop up in searches on iMesh and kazaa. I discovered the Video CD format shortly thereafter, and liked the encoding aspect of it. My first couple of attempts at editing were basically taking cutscenes without editing them at all and slapping music over them in VirtualDub. This eventually evolved into taking shorter clips and randomly assorting them in VDub and exporting (all of the videos from my first year of editing were done in VDub). I found the Org sometime around June or July, and after I'd actually edited my first video using clips I made an account and made an entry for it in the catalog.

How you came up with your screen name:
In a computer class during Freshman year. Had something to do with typing exercises, and 'qyot' was the result of just bringing my hands down on the keyboard. The 27 got appended later when I needed a longer name for an email address or something.

How you discovered the Org:
Probably because I was looking for more information about the videos I'd already seen. I honestly can't remember.

Tell me about your studio, like how you joined/created it, etc... (If you're not in a studio, say why :P)
To go along with the newbie mistakes, the name I'd thought up for the 'studio' I attached to my videos was there just because I thought it sounded cool during that angsty high school student phase. It was there mostly because I noticed that most of the videos I was seeing had some sort of studio name attached to them, even though I was aware of the fact that it was superfluous for a one-person studio to have (especially when they don't even have a website of their own for hosting). I was already embarrassed by it a few years ago, but tradition sort of overruled my objections and I kept it around until 2009. Since after that I went on hiatus for so long, there was no point to resuscitating it and when I released Daybreak there was no studio tag attached.

Favorite genre to edit and why:
I don't really have a favorite genre to edit. My early videos were almost all action, but as my skills and desire to actually do coherent videos improved, I ended up gravitating into drama videos...with the exception of doing comedy/action shorts for several of the AMV Hell iterations. It's not like I don't want to edit action videos anymore, but I just end up prioritizing other ideas first due to available footage.

Favorite newbie mistake you've made: (Give us a good cringe-worthy one!)
Upselling on some of the announcements for my early videos. It was pretty bad, but thankfully I stopped doing that pretty quickly and just started going with monotonous explanatory notes in the video description.

First contest experience:
The first and only one I've had was submitting a video to MegaCon 2004's contest. Of course, once it got going and I saw some of the other videos that'd been submitted I realized how pointless that was, but I had a good time. When mine came on, I thought I heard people start singing along about 2/3rds of the way through, but it might have just been my imagination.

This isn't counting the round of AMV Hell CE that I won later, since that wasn't a physical contest.

Best experience you've had thus far with the community:
I don't know, I can't really pick one. I did participate in AniMix back in 2003, and some of the mailing list discussions there were lively, but otherwise I've simply been content to frequent the forum here.

Worst experience with the community:
Again, hard to really say because I get the impression that a lot of the real nastiness occurred outside of the forum (barring trolls that would pop up now and again).

Why you edit: (If you don't edit anymore, explain yo'self!)
I've always edited simply because I like the creative process. The excitement of seeing things coming together on the timeline is as enjoyable to me as seeing the finished product, because in many cases I'll surprise myself with how well certain pieces end up fitting.

The major reason for being on hiatus for so long actually had to do with being annoyed at my computer and how slow it was on my ancient hardware. My patience had simply run out (not to mention feeling confined by hard drive space), and because I had nothing in the way of income to put toward getting a better setup, I dreaded having to open up Premiere. Over that 3½-4 years I pursued some other interests: compiling software, actually watching a lot more anime per season, and so on. Yue's Time Travel MEP made me nostalgic enough to edit something short again, and then since the 10th anniversary of my first video on Premiere was coming up, I edited Daybreak. Whether I'll end up going back on hiatus until I get better hardware is an open question.

Future goals: (Editing, non-editing, whatevers)
I have no clue. Things I thought for sure I wanted to do have been getting sidelined, everything I thought I'd be doing by now has failed to happen, and so in general I'd prefer not to think about it and just take things as they happen. It's too depressing otherwise.
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby NotReallyHere » Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:53 pm

How you got into AMVs: Well, I had seen a few of those "one fight scene + metal song" amvs on YT before but didn't really like them. So when I went to my first con (Animecon 2011) and saw it had an AMV contest my initial thoughts were "how the hell can you have a contest with that crap?". Decided to watch it because I was curious and boy was I surprised! The videos shown there were on a whole different level and I was immediately hooked.

How you came up with your screen name: The first con I went to had badges with your forum name on it and I thought it would be funny to walk around while having "NotReallyHere" written on my chest. Sadly, the next con (Abunai! 2011) I went to had those stupid wristbands so my plans were ruined. Ironically the guy who checked the editor's names at the room for the amv compo made a joke about it but I was too nervous at the time to laugh about it. XD

How you discovered the Org: First thing I did when I decided to make an AMV was look up guides on how to do it. Ended up at the a/v guide.

Tell me about your studio, like how you joined/created it, etc... (If you're not in a studio, say why :P) Not sure what I'd do in one. Plus I tend to prefer single-person amvs over MEPs generally speaking. MEPs always seem a bit random to me.

Favorite genre to edit and why: Dance or comedy I guess, I like cheerful, happy things.

Favorite newbie mistake you've made: (Give us a good cringe-worthy one!) Plastering Vegas' secondary colour corrector onto my entire amv because I read somewhere it could help against pixelation: The result was that my dark scenes at the end became so dark they weren't visible anymore. Oh, and lens flares. Not using those again.

First contest experience: That would be abunai! 2011 in which I entered with my first AMV and got 8th place out of 39 and got an applause during the video itself (teletubbies yo!)

Best experience you've had thus far with the community: Meeting other editors, especially those at cons, has been a lot of fun. As for the org specifically it would be the quickening this year, even though lost big time.

Worst experience with the community: Nothing really comes to mind here.

Why you edit: (If you don't edit anymore, explain yo'self!): I lke the process of creating something that previously only existed in my mind. Itś also a lot of fun to watch your amv on the big screen and hang out with the other editors.

Future goals: (Editing, non-editing, whatevers) Re-install windows (and AE, Vegas). Linux is nice and all but the editing programs available for it are pretty shat (unless I'm missing something, in which case feel free to point me towards this program I missed). Also, my AMVs aren't really what I have in my mind yet, so I'd like to make an AMV that's precisely what I had in mind once. Non-editing: Finishing my studies would be nice. ^^
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby Kisagi » Sun Oct 20, 2013 4:09 pm

How you got into AMVs: Well I got into amvs back when I watching ye old fashioned Gundam and I just happened to see a website (that wasn't youtube) and saw something interesting with music. After I started watching that I then got into looking at a lot of naruto amvs and soon after that I decided that I wanted to make something like that. So then back when WMM was still popular that was the program I started with.
How you came up with your screen name: My screen name was first 17flip1 because I was playing some games and it sounded interesting. Then something happened to it so I changed to TheRedflash66 on youtube and had a random generated name when I was thinking of the super hero "Flash". Soon after I got older I then realized that my name "TheRedflash66" kind of sounded like a sex name and got irritated. So that made me change it to "Kisagi" which I use now, and everyone actually call me that even out of the amv community so it's basically my nickname.
How you discovered the Org: While I was searching for Gundam amvs and started doing amvs and the website came up :p
Tell me about your studio, like how you joined/created it, etc...: I'm not in one because I'm not really interested at the moment since I'm kind of like a "lone wolf".
Favorite genre to edit and why: Drama, Romance, Comedy, & Psychedelic since the are really fun to do
Favorite newbie mistake you've made: Using a bad quality source
First contest experience: In ALA and was pretty fun
Best experience you've had thus far with the community: The chat
Worst experience with the community: When your friends stop editing
Why you edit: It relieves me of my boredom and since I edit in school as well it's more like a job or somewhat
Future goals: (Editing, non-editing, whatevers)
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby EllipseIris » Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:07 pm

Since I have 3 years MV editing experience before AMVs, I will answer it from only the AMV editing times!
How you got into AMVs: It happened in the summer of 2010, until so I really didn’t care about AMVs, I only edited with live action footage (TV series, movies). My biggest MV editor inspiration made an AMV though, that made me decide that I should give a chance to AMVs, too 

How you came up with your screen name: In a quite pathetic and real MV editor way: got 2 pretty words and put them next to each other. „Ellipse comes from Imogen Heap’s (back then new) album: Ellipse, and „Iris” comes from Broken Iris’s Iris.

How you discovered the Org: The girl who inspired me for AMV editing talked to me about it.

Tell me about your studio: I am/was a member of Asylum Studios but It died  I LOVED being member there. I joined them in 2011, they had an open audition, it was epic, the members were my family that time, we had all night lasting skype conversations and made birthday meps for all the members, when it was active.

Favorite genre to edit and why: Romance/Sentimental! Because I am deeply in love~ 

Favorite newbie mistake you've made: Ooohhhh fortunately by the time I started AMV editing I grow out the newbie mistakes, but before so I think I committed all the possible flaws :D I think it was epic though that they were amv editors who explained to me that letterbox is a mistake… but I could not believe it, it was just so normal to me that sometimes there are black lines in my videos:’D

First contest experience: MondoCon 2011 Autumn. I gave in my Eat me alive amv and got 11th or 12th place. It was very disappointing.

Best experience you've had thus far with the community: Asylum and the Hungarian amv community and of course finding my boyfriend. When I started editing at my age of 14-15 I always dreamt about having an editor boyfriend. I can’t believe I ended up with one finally :D

Worst experience with the community: Not many… maybe when I got 1st place in action at San Japan 2012 and some started rage on the forum, how much I did not deserve it. It was quite humiliating and disappointing.

Why you edit: I am not a gifted girl, suck at most of the things, but I feel that in editing i can find myself and feel success, and of course because it is quite exciting sometimes 

Future goals: Keep on editing, trying my best and maybe get back to MV editing again a bit .

Btw I like this thread, feels like I can get to know the editors a bit more :)
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby Sephirothskr » Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:51 pm

How you got into AMVs:
How you came up with your screen name: I wanted sephiroth, and youtube said "No. How about Sephirothskr?" so why not.
How you discovered the Org:Typed in amv and here I am.
Tell me about your studio, like how you joined/created it, etc... (If you're not in a studio, say why :P) I have no idea how "Studios" work or what the hell they are...
Favorite genre to edit and why: Action/drama because I like giving people feels.
Favorite newbie mistake you've made: (Give us a good cringe-worthy one!) None of the video being on beat...
First contest experience: Akai con 2013 where both of my videos were finalists! But sadly did not win.
Best experience you've had thus far with the community: None. Mostly negative.
Worst experience with the community:
Why you edit: (If you don't edit anymore, explain yo'self!) Because I like making things and just inspiring people to do what I do.
Future goals: (Editing, non-editing, whatevers) Major in film and one day, become an editor for music videos or big time movies.
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby Qyot27 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 12:18 am

NotReallyHere wrote:Linux is nice and all but the editing programs available for it are pretty shat (unless I'm missing something, in which case feel free to point me towards this program I missed).

Welcome to hell. This is, unfortunately, one of the really long-standing issues that remain for AMV editing on Linux. Pretty much all of the processing toolchain is there* because the essential programs are all cross-platform and Windows users are aware of them too, but the selection of non-linear editing software leaves a lot to be desired. And to make matters worse, the odds of the really promising stuff being in the distro repositories is highly questionable (or if they are in the repos, they're probably outdated), meaning that for certainty, you've got to compile it yourself or find a third-party repo/PPA/AUR/what-have-you.

*or can be supplemented with Wine.

I keep procrastinating on getting Lumiera built and testing it out. Just from the screenshots it looks nicer than my old experiences with Cinelerra, but I can't really say.
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby Eake4 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:35 am

Gorz wrote:my little bro

Mate you gotta grab Raitshu back in the AMV scene.
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby FarmXD » Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:04 am

Sounds fun! ;D Even if nobody reads me ! |:>

How you got into AMVs: Thanks to a TV show premiering some AMV's...I think "Engel" was there, it was in 2002 so...xD
How you came up with your screen name: The 4 initial letters of my name, plus something to make it different...."XD"
How you discovered the Org: After doing several AMV's in the first Movie Maker (Windows ME I think it was) a friend of mine came up with the site in 2004, so I joined but my english was awful so I never got into the forum or even noticed there was possible to upload mine.
Tell me about your studio, like how you joined/created it, etc... I created one but just for myself called "Farm Studios" but I never spected there were people interested in joining as a team. They never wanted to change the name, dunno why. The Studio died 3 years ago because we were too busy.
Favorite genre to edit and why: Anything xD Whatever crosses my mind seems like a challenge and it's fun.
Favorite newbie mistake you've made: Hearts on Fire resolution. I had my experience after years editing but I never learned the basics, like framerate and resolution. The 720x480 makes it horrible and deforms some characters.
First contest experience: AWESOME! I received an honorable mention and prizes came to my place :D (Otafest). I'm so sad I couldn't make more decent videos to that contest, I really liked it.
Best experience you've had thus far with the community: The times when I talked with Istiv and Tyler. Also, the good reception of all of you over the years and the Mindless Self Indulgence MEP :)
Worst experience with the community: The dissagreement with MimS because a childish act of mine before lost contact with all french community around here. He's a great guy.
Why you edit: Because it's fun xD
Future goals: Two final goals for my 12 year AMV experience: First; An "Opera manga"...a video that make people say "Oh, that's Farm video, I remember that guy, great piece of AMV" and with that, my second goal: A redemption in Japan Expo. Hearts on Fire was a failure. I know I can do something better, even if french community forgot about me.

Great thread! I feel good after being honest :)
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby Iron Solari » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:28 am

How you got into AMVs: My friend, EimiJ7 showed me Otakon 2011's AMV contest, and I thought it was the most amazing thing, so I decided to try and start making some myself.
How you came up with your screen name: League of Legends
How you discovered the Org: EimiJ7
Tell me about your studio, like how you joined/created it, etc...: I have no studio, mainly because I don't think I'm at that kind of level yet, and want to do things by myself for now.
Favorite genre to edit and why: Romance/Sentimental is definitely easier for me, but I think Comedy is a challenge and fun when it works out.
Favorite newbie mistake you've made: First AMV I ever made, which is not rotting in the pits of Hell, was riddled with subtitles and watermarks.
First contest experience: Otakon 2012. I thought it was amazing that my Romance/Sentimental video made it into the finals, and then went on to win second place.
Best experience you've had thus far with the community: Project Org Editor was an interesting experience, along with the Quickening. I've never really entered those kinds of things so it was new and unique to me.
Worst experience with the community: I haven't actually had one yet. Just stressful sometimes. Maybe a certain MEP in the past that failed because of the coordinator.
Why you edit: I like to think of my videos as an expression of myself, and if they are crappy, well then I was probably feeling crappy when I made it. I am no star editor and I know my skills could be better, but I do what I can do.
Future goals: Animation.
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby Kyssifur » Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:05 pm

How you got into AMVs: Random surfing on the net after I watched GTO.
How you came up with your screen name: Kissyfur was my favourite cartoon character. When I first sat down to use the www it asked for a username. I had to choose fast.
How you discovered the Org: Google.
Tell me about your studio, like how you joined/created it, etc... Sircle. We were drinkin' beer like a sir. The studio name is a mixture of "sör" (which is beer in Hungarian, pronounced like sherman, circle(jerk) and "like a sir". Jeez. So that's how. I'm a founder member.
Favorite genre to edit and why: Epic action/drama/romantic/whatever. I like it when my jaw is on the floor after watching my own videos. :D
Favorite newbie mistake you've made:

First contest experience: 2008. It was a small Hungarian contest. I failed.
Best experience you've had thus far with the community: Most of the contest organizers DO ship/send the prizes to oversea! That was absolutely a surprise for me!
Worst experience with the community: Russians. Nuff said. (I really don't want to get myself into philosophical questions. They are just... gratuitously snobbish.)
Why you edit: Cuz I enjoy it! I like to edit. Obvious isn't it?
Future goals: I wanna win at least 1 VCA category.
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby Kyssifur » Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:08 pm

Kyssifur wrote:pronounced like sherman

or... American "sure", because as far as I know British "sure" is more like "shore" :D
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby Drango » Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:24 pm

How you got into AMVs: It was about 2002/3 ish... I was derping about on the internet using Limewire (yeah) and found out I could download anime from that! (not very successfully mind, but still) and through searching for Gundam I ended up finding a (miss titled) 08th MS Team AMV to 10th Man Down by Nightwish. I then discover torrents and find that they are a much better way of obtaining anime and end up watching Kanon (the 2003 version) and eventually I discover that I have an editing program on my laptop too! I decide to have a little play around with putting some simple pictures to music, and satisfying myself with this little test, I then went on to edit Kanon to Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls in 2004.

How you came up with your screen name: Long before I started making AMVs I came up with a rather silly story idea in which the main character could... control fire and turn into a dragon... yeah... (I was young! Don't judge me!) Anyway, I then sit there thinking "He needs a name! It can't be something normal like James or anything, it has to be something different! Like Dragon, but I can't just name him 'Dragon' ... hmm... Drake? Dra.... Drango...?" and that's literally how I came up with the name... Some time later, a friend of mine invites me to play an online game with him, and with it being the internet I know not to use my REAL name... And especially not in a game, so I decide to try and 'RP' as my character Drango. And... then I just don't bother with any RPing and just kinda took the name for myself...

How you discovered the Org: I believe it was thanks to Sakuraslight...? Maybe... Or I might have just stumbled across it searching for AMVs by myself, I honestly can't remember anymore...

Tell me about your studio, like how you joined/created it, etc... Team Mutiny... Uhm... I believe Sakuraslight already answered this one earlier, even mentioning how I got dragged in to be a co-founder of it so... yeah! Go read his answer for mine. #cop-out #lazy

Favorite genre to edit and why: Drama/Romance/Tearjerkers even if I'm not the best at doing it.

Favorite newbie mistake you've made: Hmm... I've done many... still catch myself out with some now actually... Uhm... The one that makes me cringe the most when watching through old AMVs of mine is when I've left a scene going with hard subs on the screen because "It fits the story of the video I'm trying to tell!" >.<

First contest experience: That... would be... a small AMV competition that Sak tried to run at Tokonatsu if that even counts... if not, then it would be the TGS that resulted in Team Mutiny being formed.

Best experience you've had thus far with the community: Uhm... Definitely getting to know some of the friends I've made since forming TM.

Worst experience with the community: That... would be... well... There's been some drama that I don't feel I should go into detail about here... And yeah, going through that was not pleasant at all...

Why you edit: 'For fun' is the most honest answer I can give. Occasionally it's to vent... Occasionally it's for a competition... Occasionally it's for someone else (as a pick-me-up for them, or as a birthday present for example) but most of the time... even if I'm taking part in a competition, if it's not fun, it's not worth it, and I'd rather give up on a video or put it on hiatus than come to resent what I'm doing or take it too seriously.

Future goals: Future goals... hmm... Continue to edit, continue to improve... Continue to have fun doing it! Though, one thing I'd LIKE to do is to visit the US and go to an editor con there one year, but that might have to wait a while.

Hope you like my answers. n_n
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby DriftRoot » Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:47 pm

How you got into AMVs: When FF8 came out, I was infatuated with that game even though I had no means to play it. For a long time my "fix" was watching and rewatching (26 times a day, at one count) an "AMV" using the FMV cutscenes. I didn't know what the term AMV was and I had no clue how the creator made it, where these things lived on the Internet (Napster FTW) or anything else, but I WANTED IT. I've always been a very creative person seeking all kinds of outlets for my ideas and stories, and holy stromboli, this was IT. I didn't have to be good at drawing - I was using someone else's artwork - and I didn't have to be good at music, because I was using someone else's song! All I had to do was pony up with the concept, which I had in spades (ahahaha, that's funny, looking back on it).

I honestly don't remember how I got from that FF8 video to AMVs, but I can say that I didn't get heavily into editing successfully (this is a crucial point) until after I attended Anime Boston in 2006 and was blown away by landmark videos like Hold Me Now and true fiction. I saw those in person, when they were just making their entrance onto the AMV stage, and it's only now that I realize how lucky I was to get that experience. Despite years of editing failure of epic proportions, during which I estimate to have wracked up around 1,000 hours of unproductive editing work (meaning no AMV was ever completed, nor got close to completion), I got REALLY determined to be up there on that same stage.

Then I got into a heated argument with dokool (this is my favorite part) about whether I'd ever make a decent AMV, and he inadvertently riled me up so much that one could say I finally made an AMV just to spite him. This isn't true, but it does make for a good story and that determination kept me going more than a few times when I was ready to throw in the towel. ^_^

How you came up with your screen name:
Ah! Driftroots do exist and they are exceptionally neat things when you can find a good one. I dubbed my first driftroot a "driftroot" when I found it washed up on a beach and hauled it home with me. Think driftwood, only it's a root that's been baked by salt, sand and sun. My sister's parakeet pecked away at it over the years so it's now in a pretty sorry state, but I still have it.
Over the years this nickname has been mistaken for "Driftwood" and converted to punnish labels more times than I can count, however the most persistent issue has been being mistaken for a guy. Not too bothersome, but amusing.

How you discovered the Org: I very clearly remember searching for "Anime Music Videos" and having this site pop up as the top search results. This was back in 1999 or so, and it wasn't like there were a lot of better options out there.

Tell me about your studio, like how you joined/created it, etc... I'm not in a studio and didn't realize I had to have a reason why, or justify the lack thereof. This sounds more like "tell me about your friends, like how you met them." I have received one studio invitation to date, which was rather flattering, but I turned it down because a) I just don't make enough AMVs to justify that and b) I don't really see the point. Back in the day, yes, it had big perks with hosting and whatnot, but now? I don't need hosting, I have a few really great beta testers and can usually beg/borrow/steal help from other people if necessary, myself as part of a studio isn't really my style.

Favorite genre to edit and why: COMEDY b/c I have a good sense of humor, albeit a quirky one, and loathe this hobby enough that anything I can do to make it a little more fun goes a long way in getting through the AMV editing process. Seriously, though, I was just saying the other day that I find it very taxing to make dramatic AMVs because they tend to depress me. I have some great dramatic concepts, but I just can't put myself through that.

Favorite newbie mistake you've made: Favorite? Newbie mistakes as in ha ha that's funny are too numerous to count, but you can go read my journal from about six to 10 years ago and it's all there. The main one that sticks out was my first AMV, when I slightly screwed up the aspect ratio because I couldn't wrap my head around that stuff (I still have a hard time). Dokidoki was the ONLY one who took the time to kindly explain what I did wrong, and I felt like such a moron. Worse, the AMV got nominated for best first video, but I suspect it crashed and burned in the semifinals because people took one look at "squishy Cloud" (this was an actual QC I got - "ew, squishy Cloud") and dumped it. Grrrrr...

First contest experience: Hrm, first contest viewing would be 2006 Anime Boston. A great, great year and definitely the reason I became a "real" AMV editor (by which I mean I actually made a complete AMV). First contest I was IN was Sakura-Con 2008, which I still remember vividly because I thought the contest organizer was joking when he said my video was in the finals. I was like, what? No, that can't be right, I think you put it in the wrong category. I can't possibly COMPETE with my video! I'd just be super grateful if it got shown in the AMV room or something!

Worst experience with the community: This would be the horror show of getting one's words taken out of context and crucified as only the .Org knows how. Pretty much spelled The End of the hobby for me (or so I felt at the time) and absolutely destroyed everything I had ever wanted to stand for and achieve as an editor. I was really...well...a newbie to all of it and wasn't as wise as I should have been, plus I was kind of out of whack from a faulty prescription. It was stupid of me, and so was my reaction at the time, and I am still paranoid that people hold it against me. It's the newbie mistake that just keeps on giving.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, hooray!! If you do, but are kind of vaguely mystified that I'd bring it up, hey - I'm not the one that asked for a worst experience to be shared! It's in the past, it still pains me a bit when I think about it, but the most I can hope for is that it isn't what defines me to the .Org community.

Best experience you've had thus far with the community: I swapped the order of these best/worst questions for a reason. The best experience I had was about six months after the aforementioned incident, when I released another AMV. I was honestly deeply concerned about it, and considered making no announcement thread at all, just sweeping it under the carpet so as not to draw anymore attention to myself. But I worked very hard on that video, and I wanted to prove I had it in me to make more than one decent AMV. So off it went, and people liked, laughed and congratulated me on it. Holy shit. Not all AMV.orgers are cutthroat grudge-holders with a penchant for underhanded cruelty!? Is, is my AMV "career" not cold ashes? I don't think I've ever had a happier 24 AMV hours in my life associated with this site. Redemption? No, but being able to move past the worst? Great.

Why you edit: WHY I edit is up there in how I got into editing. Why I don't edit anymore? Well, as I pointed out to machina21 recently, maybe I'm just taking another really long break, you know? :uhoh:

The main reason I don't edit anymore is that the positives do not outweigh the negatives. I need extremely high motivation, inspiration and sense of value to make an AMV. If I don't have all of that, it crashes and burns EVERY TIME (I have spent more time attempting to make AMVs than actually MAKING them for this very reason). I hate not being able to make what I want to make, I hate not being able to to bend anime to my will, I hate my lack of technical skills and artistic vision, my inability to sit and work at my computer for more than two hours without migraines, a stiff neck and back pain. I hate it all. When things go right, I'm a bit happier, but I still dread editing and will do almost anything (Washing the kitchen floor? Yes. Clean the garage? Yes. Reorganize my Tupperware? Yes.) to get out of it. The only time I've enjoyed editing is when there is something I want to make that I am actually able to make. Otherwise, it's an exercise in futility.

It's not that I don't WANT to edit, it's just that - as an exercise in futility most of the time - can you blame me for hating it? AMV editing is a very unnatural thing for me, and it's soooo frustrating to have a hobby you wish you could enjoy, but can't. It really is. There's nothing in my life I have worked harder at and wished I could be good at, but it doesn't make a difference, you can't force that sort of thing. I've always been ragingly jealous of all you people who actually enjoy this hobby. You have no idea how lucky you are. :| I wish I had a hobby like that.

Future goals: (Editing, non-editing, whatevers) Der future? AMV, not much. I used to want to make more AMVs, now it's not very important. I guess the main goal would be to find another AMV that inspires, motivates and helps my grow my skills as some of my past ones have. Barring that, finding another hobby or project with an equal level of challenge and reward is something I'm always looking for. Just haven't found it, yet.

Non-editing, let's see: I want to be able to run a 5k without my ankle giving out on me. Stupid AMV hobby screwed me over royally with that one. Four years and counting, and one wrong step heading out to an AMV contest still haunts me.
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby Taite » Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:56 pm

While I'm on the nets I guess I'll fill this out, hmhm.

How you got into AMVs: Honestly I don't remember anymore. I thought it was because I saw Inuyasha on tv and went on yt and saw an amv, but I don't know. It was about a year or less after youtube and somehow between that and watching Inuyasha idk.

How you came up with your screen name: I forget this too. I like tater tots, and I was called tater for awhile, and then I think the I came in as a typo when I first wrote out my screen name, yaaa idk.

How you discovered the Org: Don't remember, probably from googs.

Tell me about your studio, like how you joined/created it, etc...: I dread studios and have never ever joined one. I don't care if other people are in them, but it's not for me. I like flying solo, with my name attached to no one else's. Seriously yuck.

Favorite genre to edit and why: This is funny cuz I've never released one, but trailers. Close with it though, definitely drama. I think action is pointless and boring and if it doesn't have a story or theme I don't really care, so I lean towards drama for those reasons. I like stuff that shows the emotion of the song and anime, idk. Also I listen to music that fits that genre more, so it's just natural I guess.

Favorite newbie mistake you've made: I'm sure I've made many but not any that were scarring and made me remember them. Probs all my early edits in general due to quality.

First contest experience: I think I submitted to NDK first? I don't know, it was kind of spontaneous and I didn't think my video was special, but I wanted to see what happened. Never been to a con, and don't normally submit my videos to competitions, my vids just aren't that kind of material.

Best experience you've had thus far with the community: Mmm, just receiving good reactions from my opinions in the most part. Even the bad ones I thoroughly enjoy cuz I'm mean. Since that's basically my only interaction with anyone here then that's pretty much it. Or when people want to contact me more for whatever reason I'm like "really? that's kind of adorable, let's chat." People think I don't want to talk with anyone or something, or that I'm mean, both of which are semi-true, but then they do and they're like "wow that chick's straight up nuts" so it's kinda cool.

Worst experience with the community: Probably just annoying people here and there, causing various hiatuses, including an upcoming one. I like to pretend I don't care what anyone says but really I get pissed as hell over all it, so I'm done yup.

Why you edit: I only edit when I'm bored, so because I get bored. I also like to see the motion you hear in a song find its personification in a video source. I have a whole philosophy about it, but that's basically it.

Future goals: Get out asap and do other sweet stuff, but I'll try and finish a few ideas first.
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Re: Your Life Story

Postby lloyd9988 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:17 pm

How you got into AMVs: I saw Shinzo's AMV with Owl City and I was like: "I wanna do that!" *_*

How you came up with your screen name: I played a game :awesome:

How you discovered the Org: Google

Tell me about your studio, like how you joined/created it: Cloud 9 and the Awesome O's. I joined Cloud 9 due to meeting Pau-chii in the Quickening in Round 1 and I was apparently decent enough to join them. |:> The Awesome-O's came about with Malik and Bani with us just messing around together for fun. I believe the reason we started that MEP group was because of the project org editor. So that's how that started and we have YET to make yet another MEP. xD

Favorite genre to edit and why: Something fun and upbeat. Personally, though, I also enjoy making an amv with a concept to follow.

Favorite newbie mistake you've made: HAVING YUE BETA-TEST MY AMV WHEN I WAS STILL USING IMOVIE. Honestly, funniest thing to happen. xD

First contest experience: Haven't had one yet O:

Best experience you've had thus far with the community: Meeting Yue, Malik, Bani, Kisanzi, Ileia, Koop, KristyRat, Haunter103, DrDino, BecauseI'mBored1, Shin, Taite, Drewaconclusion, Tritio, and many more amazing editors here! I love the people here whether I talk a lot with them or not O: The best thing I loved is that I can talk with these awesome editors and find that they're a normal person like me. :ying: But, whether they're amazing at editing or not, I'm just glad to be able to meet a lot of cool people on here.

Worst experience with the community: I really can't recall bad experiences. I know I see a lot of drama go on a lot but I think that's what keeps this community going. :3

Why you edit: (If you don't edit anymore, explain yo'self!) I use to edit because I wanted to meet some friends on here who had the same interests as me... But, now that I have friends... I never really feel like editing anymore. xD I want to edit more... But my core motivation is mainly gone so I can't find myself to finish an AMV anymore.

Future goals: (Editing, non-editing, whatevers) I do want to make a decent amv that people will enjoy on a conceptual level and an amv dedicated to all the friends I made here. But, my main goal is just to become an electrical engineer or travel the world. Enjoy life beyond working on a computer all my life. I wanna do more than just play video games, live for a paycheck and sit at home all my life. I wanna be able to experience the world and what it has to offer! That and also be able to go surfing when I grow up. ^_^
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