Best version of this song?

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Best version of this song?

Postby KiddTheManiac » Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:37 pm

About a year ago, I had a WIP set to Oingo Boingo's Only a Lad (from Best O' Boingo); the files were lost, and I recently got an itch to take another crack at the concept, but a friend of mine's advising against it since he thinks the song's unintelligible and that nobody'd be able to make out the lyrics.

I've scanned around for other versions some of which do have more emphasis on the vocals, but none of the other versions seem to have the same instrumental kick as the BOB version. What I wanted to ask was

a)is the BOB version really that unintelligible?

b)if it is, which version do you think has the best combination of vocals and instrumental work?

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