Elegant-Boobs in AMVs

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Re: Elegant-Boobs in AMVs

Postby Cross/fade » Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:24 am

AlanMintaka wrote:
Cross/fade wrote:
JGMurakami wrote: I am working on an extremely sexual AMV with use of one scene of (IMO) elegantly done breasts. Kicker or a bonus?

Hello there fellow gentleman !

Quoted Image converted to link:

Just like you I know how to appreciate elegantly done breasts. I'm looking forward to your AMV.

This is somewhat off-topic but I couldn't figure out another way to contact you (not allowed to send PMs yet....). I was wondering if you knew that your link to the AVI version of Spanish Wolf is broken. It's because of the DOJ shutdown of Megaupload a few months ago. Is there any chance you can post the AVI version someplace else?

BTW it is a fantastic AMV. I just want to compare MP4 vs. AVI versions of it.

Thanks and have a good one,
Alan Mintaka

Working on it.

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