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Re: The Lip Flapper : Episode 3 - Scintilla

Postby JaddziaDax » Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:42 pm

Ah! Interesting read :)
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Re: The Lip Flapper : Episode 3 - Scintilla

Postby TwilightChrono » Tue Jan 03, 2012 5:34 pm

Excellent Jon on the Flapper, Code. I'm quite enjoying the read :)
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Re: The Lip Flapper : Episode 3 - Scintilla

Postby lloyd9988 » Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:05 pm

CodeZTM wrote:Quoted Image converted to link:My other interests include card games (including spades, hearts, bridge, Pinochle, etc.), board games (including chess, Diplomacy, Settlers of Catan, etc.),

Settlers of Catan FTW! xD Dude, I'll play you online sometime :3

Also, I didn't know you were the one who made "Now a Word From Our Sponsor's"! That AMV was awesome! :up: And another successfully awesome interview, good read you two :D
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