Review - Soul of an Angel - ErMaC

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Re: Review - Soul of an Angel - ErMaC

Postby Koopiskeva » Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:23 am

I haven't watched this video in ages, probably only a few times when I first saw this circa-2002. I just skimmed a preview of it to try an recall what I thought watching it back in the day...

I believe I was initially impressed by this back then, but mostly because I was new to AMVs and was only starting to get my feet wet. That feeling faded though after subsequent viewings. I think it's still a good video, but just not as interesting as it once was. I'm pretty sure this had heavy influence on my Damaged Rei-mix video which I edited in 2002, and I know this whole "exercise in listening to the song visually" has been the basis of my effects-heavy videos ever since I started.

After just watching it again, my opinion of it hasn't really changed after seeing it all those years ago. It was an experimental video that had a bigger "mainstream" impact due to its complexity (in amv terms) nearly 10 years ago. However, nowadays most people see just how easy it is/was to make this sort of thing , but the experimental aspect still remains.

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