Old PHorum access?

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Old PHorum access?

Postby punistation » Sat Jun 29, 2002 1:52 am

Would it be possible to make the old forums accessable?

Not to re-post or anything (I'm sure you can remove that function), just to look over old posts, read the good ones, the informative one's, the one's with guides linked in 'em... stuff like that.

Oh, and I felt like reading my "Girls Make Crappy AMV's" thread again. I have fond memories of that one. Drunken, hazy memories... but good memories nonetheless. Others too. I miss 'em, and I never had the chance to save 'em to my PC.

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Postby AbsoluteDestiny » Sat Jun 29, 2002 1:59 am

Phade is updating the old phorum software so that it can be archived and:

- Enable Read-only

- Have the ability to search all forums at once

The old forum will be accessable in the future.
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Postby Phade » Sat Jun 29, 2002 9:47 am

Hey punistation,

I'll put the old forum up in read-only mode after I upgrade it to the newest version of Phorum and then remove the posts that caused the site to go down. :)

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