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Postby otakuscotty » Tue Jul 16, 2002 4:16 pm

why can't the creator have at least the option to select the genre of the music. Not be forced, but it can be the creators's own fault for putting Danzig song in a New age genre. That way nobody get's pegion holed. There is so many amvs, that there needs to be some sort of generazations, otherwise it will be just impossible to find anything. Maybe create a field in which the the search can peer into so if a creater could put their amv into more than one genre by just using a comma (kinda like a meta tag) (ie. rock, classic rock, 80s ) i really think it is imperitive for something like this to be incorpaerated into the search given the rate of new amvs being introduced which is bad for the newbie amv creater because the process is still ineffecient. becuse our current setup compels people to follow word of mouth or luck to find videos it seems inevitable for someone's amv to get lost in the shuffle of videos. I really think this topic is worthey of further exploration.

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