Friend like guu

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Friend like guu

Postby wbw1987 » Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:51 am

So every now and then I get reminded of this awesome video a "friend like guu" and I do my best to see if I can hunt it down because I can never find it uploaded anywhere. Well I did more searching this time and found that RolltheStampede had pasted away without uploading it. Personally I think it is the greatest amv I've every seen, and I started to look at the comments morning him and how he will be lost and even looked up his other videos. He was a great man.

Anyway, on ... p?v=181658
Shinobi Sam mentions that "This version didn't have credits so I may go back and add some to it for a future SFS DVD release." But there is no download link on the page. Is the video there? Is the link broken?

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