Please help!!

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Please help!!

Postby XxManniexX » Mon May 23, 2011 6:22 pm

I`m really confused with this site, and for some reason when I go too an amv no video pops up, or anything else.

Can someone help me with trying too play videos? :( Do I have too download something? Or what.

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Re: Please help!!

Postby Kariudo » Mon May 23, 2011 7:40 pm

yeah, some site functions aren't exactly the most intuitive.

I assume you've gotten to a video information page (which looks like this... /selfpimp)

At the bottom, if a video is available for download (not all of them are), you'll see LOCAL, DIRECT or Indirect. You may also see PREVIEW

Direct and Indirect links are hosted off-site, and when you click on "Direct" or "Indirect" it should start the download (if it's a direct link) or take you to the page where you can download it from (if it's an indirect link). Some people don't pay attention to that distinction, however, and we leave in/direct link maintenance up to the creator.

Local links are hosted on-site. When you click on "Local" you'll be taken to the pledge drive page. At the bottom you'll see 3 buttons, 2 say "pledge" and 1 says "proceed". Click the "proceed" button to go to the download page. Then, after 10 seconds the download link should pop up.

Preview = online streaming. Previews are only generated for videos with local links (some creators have opted to hide streaming previews from non-donators). Click on "Preview" and the video should automatically start playing.

Also, one last thing...just in case.
You have to rate videos after watching them. You don't have to rate them right away, but if you let 10 ratings pile up you won't be able to download more videos until you give those ratings.

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