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i am verbose too

Postby paizuri » Tue Jan 20, 2004 6:22 pm

Arigatomyna wrote:What's to stop this section from turning into a 'write essays about every episode of your favorite anime and study it in much more depth than anyone alive cares to read' forum?

Well nothing really. If you feel the need to write a dissertation about the latest episode of something you saw, go right ahead. It's your life after all. I can't guarantee that it will be appreciated by everyone, but I still carry the (possibly misplaced) hope that people have enough self-restraint to censor themselves. If that's not the case, then the mods will have to step in. And perhaps we don't have the greatest of track records, but hey, it's a new year and it's time to try a different approach to things.

Arigatomyna wrote:My question:

How much are we allowed to talk about a certain episode (or various episodes in a certain anime), and how far is too far - at what point is it more than anyone wants to see in the forum? Are we going to stop interesting posts because they're too 'in-depth'? Or are we going to allow threads that could very well bore members to death if they happen to read them?

I'm verbose (as if you couldn't tell), so I'm quite serious here. ^_^ I know I can't wait to jump in there and talk about anime on a 'specific episode' basis. But I know very well that it will bore people out of their minds if I were to do so. Are boring threads going to be deleted? Or will posts like "you're thinking too much about it - it's just a cartoon" be discouraged and/or ignored?

[/optimistic curiousity]

I am inclined to let people go on about a show as long as they want to. Unless they start being abusive to other members. The way I see it, if a thread becomes really boring, it'll just die on its own (barring necroposters and frivolous bump posts). But if we're discussing weekly shows, that's not so bad because there's always the potential to revive the conversation next week in a new thread. We wouldn't delete boring threads. Those tend to resolve themselves. Offensive threads are the ones we want to delete, or rather excise the offensive posts within them.

The posts of the "you're thinking too much about it" variety will be discouraged and should be ignored. If they lend absolutely nothing to any side of the discussion, they will most likely be deleted.

This site revolves around Anime Music Videos and as such, everyone that comes here is to some extent an anime fan. So with that as our common bond and interest, I think we have a really good mix of people with widely differing tastes and perspectives and there is the potential here to have some really interesting and insightful conversations.

Other people have mentioned the limited scope of the new section but I see nothing wrong with it. As I mentioned earlier, it's pretty much a given that we have at least a passing interest in anime and there are a lot of shows out there. It only takes two people to spark a conversation (although the more the merrier). I think it's safe to say that everyone's a critic and has their own opinions. It's just whether or not they want to share them with others. But I certainly hope that people share their opinions. I certainly will if I get off my ass and watch more anime. =P

I hope that satisfies at least some part of your optimistic curiosity. :P
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Re: i am verbose too

Postby Arigatomina » Tue Jan 20, 2004 6:38 pm

paizuri wrote:I hope that satisfies at least some part of your optimistic curiosity. :P

Yep, thanks. ^_^

I know some people are bothered by the new forum, but I like to discuss things that interest me. And so far, I haven't made more than one (maybe 2 though I doubt it) thread in Gen Anime - not wanting to go too exclusive on subject matter. But this is different - it's exclusive per episode/anime, but you still have Gen Anime if you want to talk about everything else.

I see no harm in this forum unless it's intended to eventually replace General Anime.
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Re: i am verbose too

Postby J-0080 » Tue Jan 20, 2004 6:41 pm

paizuri wrote:I still carry the (possibly misplaced) hope that people have enough self-restraint to censor themselves.

Man, you say the funniest things sometimes. :lol:

Anyway, I find this extra subforum as well....rather redundent, but, oh well.
paizuri wrote:There's also no need for introductions because we're generally a friendly bunch and will welcome you with wide open arms anyway.
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Re: i am verbose too

Postby Arigatomina » Tue Jan 20, 2004 6:53 pm

J-0080 wrote:Anyway, I find this extra subforum as well....rather redundent, but, oh well.

It's a way for people to talk about anime (specific *episodes* of anime) without having to wade through everything in General Anime. Which may
(a) get rid of the complainers
(b) leave nothing but 'what if' threads in Gen Anime
(c) let the site maintain face when they delete General Anime since they'll still have *anime* discussions on the forum
(d) result in lots of thread movements from GA to the new one and deletions from the new one that should have gone in GA

Of those, I think the first and second are likely - and both would be bad for those who have high hopes of keeping General Anime as a section - you'll loose all those who want to have serious discussions, leaving lots and lots of other threads. But then, that may not be too different from now.

The last one seems like a given, but if the mods want to take on the task, more power to them. ^.~

The third one worries me most. If the new section flourishes, it would be something nice for anime fans - being able to discuss without spam. But it wouldn't be a replacement for GA since it's limited to a by-anime-episode rule book. No Trivia, no genre specific discussions, nothing but 'talk about this episode only' threads.

I know, no one said GA was being replaced, but considering the recent past with forum sections, I get suspicious. Hence my optimism. I'm hoping this is to see if anime fans can abide by a guideline that might later be enforced in the GA section, rather than a slow move to deleting GA as (to quote J-0080) "redundant."
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Postby DJ_Izumi » Wed Jan 21, 2004 12:41 am

I bet $20 this dosn't last 6 months. :)
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Postby Arigatomina » Wed Jan 21, 2004 12:57 am

DJ_Izumi wrote:I bet $20 this dosn't last 6 months. :)

I'm too poor to wait that long for 20 bucks. Maybe if we made it 2 months...

Nah. I rather like the idea of a specialized anime section - I hope it lasts long enough for me to watch a few of my favorite episodes and comment on them. ^_^ I rarely take note of the specific episode number when I watch anime, so I'd need at least a good few weeks to look through my collection before I could pinpoint them.
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