State of the Org - 10-13-10

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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby Kaream » Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:08 pm

post-it wrote:which wouldn't be saying much to non-donators . .. ... unless they were allowed
to read that forum without being able to post a reply :beer: but, that would just be mean. :nono:

Hell it's better than nothing :(
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby Enigma » Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:38 pm

Kaream wrote:
Enigma wrote:If there was a Off Topic sub forum, wouldn't it kinda destroy the purpose of the Donators forum?

Anyone but you to reply :uhoh: , was kinda hoping you wouldn't mess it up just for once.

...Just stating 'brah.
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby dreamawake » Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:47 pm

Kaream wrote:A random sub-forum would be really, really, really nice. It would get editors to interact with each other much more and make it more of a fun enviornment, i'ono. Plus I have a bunch of cool topics I always wanted to post lol.

And yes, Donator's forum is there, but you'd have to donate in order to view/post. Kinda not fair. Hope you guys hear me out on this one.

Might as well give up on that now, the OT forum ship has sailed and it's never coming back. I know for a fact the majority of the staff doesn't want it, so i'd give up on that one now anyway.
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby post-it » Thu Nov 04, 2010 4:44 pm

its just my opinion and yet; it hits so close to home that we've all missed it:

. The ORG was designed for the First Timer, the one who bought an Editing
package from the store and "now" wants to see what-it-can-do. A Comparison
on what it looks like and what you can do with it - would be handy.

< scope >
. anyone remember the time they saw their first Cartoon and/or Anime
and, for no reason understood even by the gods above/below, thought
to themselves, "I could do better than THAT!" ??? It didn't take much to
get you going now; did it: you went-out and bought yourself a Capture
Card. You knew at what time they were going to re-broadcast THAT show
again and you just HAD to get "the show" and re-do-it "your way!"
. You now have the Captured Footage. An Editor came with that Capture
card .. but .. the silly-thing won't load the Captured Footage!????
. What you did was start to find a place like and hope that somebody
there might be able to help you get things started. Much to your surprise ..
there ain't NOthing about how to handle "clips which won't load" into your
editor at the ORG. So, you move-on to the next site.
< /scope >

. We forget many things here after a few years of the same old - same olds!
I can remember people arguing with ErMaC about a few things, not because he was
right but because "I just didn't understand how Cleaning The Videos' before you
render them could make such a drastic-picture-weight-reduction in the final
stages of encoding any video!!!" I always thought that the Codec's were cleaning
the Videos so they could encode thing correctly! I felt sorry for him because I
wasn't the only one who was having problems with that concept, I understood
the basic's and he could tell that MY Questions Being Asked Wrong that I had
gotten bad info! ... and yeah -- I do know the difference, today, thanks to him. He
went through hell with the eight of us! He never quit. He never got angry. he's
never spoken to me sense that day -- hehe but, he knew what to do and how
to explain it without belittling anyone. His pages on Video Cleaning and its newest
section on black-edge correcting is no longer to be found here at the org nor FAQ's.

. Questions which came-up regularly are quite simple to us today. I can still remember
how mad I used to get when Virtual Dub 1.3a would not accept appending files because
the frame rates were just a Frogs-Hair-Off!!! (  ̄3 ̄) .. Anyone remember the Green-
Screen-Of-Death from the Divx4.1.0 Xvid Packages which devided the board into two
rivalries!?? Those who were sticking with MPG and Alpha3.11 and those who would suffer
with Divx-xviD and RMvb's. today, all five standards have been replaced by x/H264 and
I'm glad THAT happened -- its one of the only "real-advancements" I've seen here sense
the final episode of Canidate for Goddess and the start of Vandread's First Season!
.. yeah; Ive been here longer than July 2002 -- I stated back then, before my name change,
that someone's gonna have to have "a starter board" to get people up-to-speed or the org's
not going to last long.

NewBe's Board Mission:
1) Help those who are confused on the basics of what Video is and How-To add Audio to it.
2) Explain "what the heck Bit-Rates are and How-To use them" òó Grrrr!
3) What not to look for when Splicing and Dicing because it will mess-up your Editing abilities! 0_0
4) How to clean-up after yourself and Super-Shrink Them Puppies into a Codec.
5) "Whad Ju Mean by me Editing someone elses' Work, hell; they'll never know the difference"!! :nono:
6) How to know "when your ready" to find Specialized help "normally found only with those whom do Encodes!"

Specialized Boards Mission:
1) So, you think you know JACK; ready to get schooled!? :beer:
2) .. we know you learned it "this way" .. I've something that 'just puts-that to-shame ^__^ ,, ready .... :awesome:
3) Special Effects are soo last year .. have you ever tryed -- This: :twisted:

Encoding for The Populous or are you just living a YouTube mission .. of somekind -_- er whatever! :book:

You Get The Idea!

Does anyone actually have a plan-of-action ( a mission statement ) available any more? this board used to have one!!
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby Knowname » Fri Nov 05, 2010 2:19 am

digested version pls?? it's way too late to think :/
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby Ematheo » Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:10 am

Zarxrax wrote:This site is primarily a resource for anime music video CREATORS. Almost every function and feature is designed with creators in mind. There is very little of interest here for a casual fan of amvs.

Some don't want this site to turn into YouTube, but I propose that if we want to expand the audience, this is exactly the direction that we need to move in. YouTube is amazing for viewers. You can easily leave comments about a particular video for OTHER VIEWERS. On the org... you leave comments for the creator. There is absolutely no interaction among the viewers.
On youtube, you watch a video, and then tons of other videos are presented to you all over the screen. Its very easy to start watching one thing, and then watch another 10 videos before you exit.
On the org... you watch a video, then you are done.

I hope the .org doesn't turn out like youtube. I like it the way it is now. If i want random people to comment or trash down on eachother, then i'll go to youtube. (because it seems like alot of people are doing it there -.-)
Now i actually have a youtube account, mostly to let people who aren't editors watch my stuff but the beauty of this site (in my opinion) is that you can get som great feedback from other, greater editors than yourself, and learn so much new stuff to become a better editor.

The thing about youtube is that the owners just want to earn money, while the .org cares about their members.
I like the personal, family feeling i get from this site :3
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby Knowname » Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:11 pm

you mean 'cult type feeling'
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby post-it » Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:36 pm

Knowname wrote:you mean 'cult type feeling'
Intimidating and helpful ???
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby Midnightowl999 » Fri Nov 12, 2010 4:41 am

To respond to the chat responses of late, Due to lack of knowledge on my part, I did not know we had one of those irc chats on My apologies, but I hate to say it. Lack of better ways to find it. It would be nice to know where it is. lol. This is a first time I have heard of its existence on this site and be nice to encourage its use. Might be a problem here...........:P.
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby Nya-chan Production » Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:32 am

#amv @
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby ngsilver » Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:33 am

There is a chatroom section under community that talks all about how to get onto the chatroom including web clients that allow you to get on without having to download an IRC client. They even list the alternative rooms as well.

The information is available and out in the open basically. It even shows up before Journal or the forums on the sitemap. I'm not sure how more open it can be without putting an announcement on the main page about it. And personally, I don't think we need that.
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby DaikashiSan » Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:13 pm

I'm not sure if it's been stated before in this thread, I'm jumping into the chaos as is as of this page.

But, why don't we all take a look at the success of Facebook. If I had to compare apples to oranges, in this analogy YouTube is both the apple and the orange and is simply just one of the two. It is a hit-or-miss since the site is intended mainly for the creators to profile their work and simply that.

Now I'm sure there will be objections and maybe limitations but play with the idea for a bit:

However, what if turned into something more of a social network FOR the AMV community? YouTube lacks the editors in their prime who can offer solid advice that extends past a 5/5 and a "favorite" though it almost seems like all the comments as of late tend to go that way.

What if the site could be a bit more like Facebook where there is a main page, and videos are suggested to people as according to a selection of anime they chose as their "top" and with that they would meet other editors who are similar in their preference of anime and be able to communicate with people who can share in the same interest.

That would definitely spur up at least some activity better than passing out flyers can. It would make one of those sites that would be passed around by word of mouth since currently it is hard to hear of someone who has heard of the site. Even those on YouTube will not thread on this site because they feel feared that the community is either elitist or that you have to go through hell and back to upload a video - and it currently is simple but still a bit of a pain for those who simply want to upload something.

Now I understand bandwidth is an issue, so the same uploading process should stay but made simpler. Maybe a system that would auto-locate anime as you type it in.

The main idea would be to have simply one page where all the information can be accessed. Where people can search for AMVs and find them with ease, perhaps have thumbnail images there of each video as you search to make it easier for people to connect their interests with what they may be searching around for. Also, a proper sidebar within that single page that shows a list of the most current uploaded videos that always updates every 30 minutes or so to show what new videos are up. On that single page there would be multiple tabs, one meant for Video, the other for Banners, and the other a "Forum" tab that would show a list right there of the latest topics. Simply what would happen is that as a comment appears on a topic the creator started, they'd receive some sort of obvious notification that they have received a comment or reply. That way people can stay in touch with their own threads.

The other idea is using that same chat-interface so that people who have friended other editors can instantly see them online and chat with them while browsing the site. It'll help keep videos within the site primarily to the users of the site.

Lastly when someone uploads a video, it is automatically posted on people who have "subscribed" to that editor and others who are his friend, it is posted on their page for other people to get familiarized with. That in addition to that sidebar that shows constantly updating information should be of interest to others. And that sidebar should also be able to be customized to the extent where people may simply select a genre they would prefer appear and that would be the video that shows up and is suggested for them as well.

Making this a social network for the people who are here would really help push along the evolution the site needs to strengthen a hobby for many and make it something that people can actively socialize about without having to leave the site to join an ICQ or spend time on skype discussing videos.
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby Scintilla » Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:20 pm

DaikashiSan wrote:Lastly when someone uploads a video, it is automatically posted on people who have "subscribed" to that editor and others who are his friend, it is posted on their page for other people to get familiarized with.

We've already got something like that, kind of...
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby DaikashiSan » Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:52 pm

Yeah, that kind of didn't sound too confident. I think it'd be better for the site to have everything a user would need without them having to leave the site.

It is said the average person spends about four hours checking their Facebook daily whether it is on a mobile device or on a computer. Making the website at least mobile would prove to make things easier for many people to check on their videos. But again the main weakness of the site is a social integration. People have to check QCs left on their main page or under the "members" sub-section of the website homepage just to see what the comments are and then they have to travel over to the forum in which their thread was left and see if anyone left a comment.

Alerting someone via e-mail just tends to be a bit less intuitive when the site can have the potential to simultaneously alert someone about a certain event. It'd be much better if an app were made so that people could navigate this website much easier.

And since I'm learning to develop applications for both the Android OS and the iPhone OS, it would actually be something I can dedicate some help into creating.

In all honesty, a site where the users are compelled to constantly come back to check on the update of something makes it so that people will remain on the site much longer than a few minutes in order to post a video and pray that people leave some sort of feedback.
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Re: State of the Org - 10-13-10

Postby Kariudo » Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:09 pm

DaikashiSan wrote:Alerting someone via e-mail just tends to be a bit less intuitive when the site can have the potential to simultaneously alert someone about a certain event.

...we do.
it's the online option in the alert system, I think alert stuff is also posted to an RSS feed
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