Question about Premiere and After Effects

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Question about Premiere and After Effects

Postby Up In Flamez » Thu Oct 05, 2006 12:51 am

hey there, this is a question for all premiere and after effects users.

how do u guys use after effects and premiere together?
like is it possible to make a comp in after effects with no backround and export and when i load it into premiere, it would be transparent?

i heard in premiere pro u can copy and paste right into after effects, is there a work around for this in premiere 6.x?

so far i have only been making a quick effect (ex. shatter) then exporting and importing into premiere with a blackground

for a vid like Naruto Ball Z would he had to have done almost the entire project in after effects?

THX to anyone who answers

also kind of a side thing, is it true that premiere 6.0 is a lot better than 6.5? cuz i heard that 6.0 is a lot more stable than 6.5

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Postby reddragon_syndicate » Thu Oct 05, 2006 1:13 am

I'm going to find this topic pretty useful myself.. heres what i've done so far. I have Adobe premiere Pro 7.0 (1.0 or whatever its called) and After Effects 6.5. In my opinion the entire project doesnt have to be done in After Effects just the sections that you want effect work that premiere cant accomplish but thats still up to your own skills and abilities in using it i suppose (trying to work it myself ). Yes when you export Comp in After Effects with no background only the actual effect would be seen in premiere.. not the black background it has.. for example.. if you just made a picture fly onto the screen in after effects.. when you brought it into premiere all that would be seen is the picture flying onto the screen.. over whatever you may already have on your timline in your editor.

That was sort of confusing.. What version of After Effects are you using. and what steps are you going through to make your effect?

I'm not sure about the cut and paste thing.. i've never done it.. will be interesting to check out though.

When you made your shatter effect.. did you place the exported effect in another video layer on top of another. If you did then instead of the black background the layer under the effect should be showing behind the effect...

I'm not familiar with 6.0 or 6.5 but after seeing a couple of discussions opinions on the diff version vary a lot. You seem to have already submitted a review for 6.5. Using mp3 is a problematic issue in most all of those versions i think.. they just dont handle it real well.
As for everything I hope you get the answers your looking for. they'd probably help me out as well.

Take Care
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Postby madbunny » Thu Oct 05, 2006 2:04 am

Mostly, I only work on set peices in after effects.

I'll put all my masks, clips and what all into a folder, create my effects segment and export that for use in the video, deleting all the stuff that I no longer need. If I'm not sure, then I hold off on deleting.

That way all of my projects are easy to organize. Actually, mostly I just do everything in premiere and photoshop, even though there might be ways to do it in after effects that are easier since I'm not very good with the interface. (needs like 2 feet of vertical space to expand everything.)
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Postby Zarxrax » Thu Oct 05, 2006 10:46 am

The cut/paste thing between AE and Premiere only works with recent versions of both, so not with 6.x

In my experience, I have not found 6.5 to be any more buggy than 6.0, though if you don't need any of the features that were introduced in 6.5, theres not a lot of point in upgrading (the title creator was the main feature).

To export a video out of After Effects with a transparent background, you need to tell After Effects to render as RGB+Alpha, and use a lossless codec that supports an alpha channel such as HuffYUV or Lagarith, and in the codec settings you have to configure it to use an Alpha channel. You also need to set the transparency to Straight, rather than premultiplied.
This tutorial should help a little: ... index.html

Up In Flamez
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Postby Up In Flamez » Thu Oct 05, 2006 5:44 pm

hey guys thx for all the replies

reddragon_syndicate :
i have version 6.5 and when i made my shatter effect, it still had a black background so when it shattered, there was nothing behind, but i faded so it looked like it was shattering into the next scene

as for the opinion about 6.5, this was before i did real editing, when i made the review i wasnt really working on a real amv, just making quick vids and toying around with it. ya premiere crashes everytime i use mp3, thats why i use wav. files

madbunny :
ya thats how ive been using after effects recently, just working on small effects and the other stuff is premiere. that is a very organized way of using after effects, i kinda do it that way but i havent really done any serious editing with it.

Zarxrax :
aww man that sucks that it only works in premiere pro :(
well for 6.5 i dont even really use the titler, and as for the real time preview, is there much of difference between that and the 6.0 'Preview From..." screen or RAM? in the VicBond's dvd guide, he says that 6.0 is a lot more stable and in the reviews for 6.5, a lot of 6.0 users say its a lot more unstable than 6.0

and thx for the link for the tranparent background

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