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Postby milkmandan » Tue Aug 12, 2008 5:53 pm

Zarxrax wrote:Years ago, I would run Adobe Premiere 6 on a 650mhz machine with 512mb or ram. It was quite quick and responsive.

Today I have a 2.7ghz quad-core machine with 4gb of ram, and it struggles with premiere pro and after effects.

whoaa.. O_o


my friend has a similar set up to yours. 3.0Ghz quad, and 4gb. His didn't seem to 'struggle' at all. O_O each program booted up quickly, and could swap between the two.

Zarxrax wrote:However, it's rather poorly implemented. After Effect's multithreading basically consists of starting up new instances of After Effects in the background and letting them render some frames. In practical terms, this means if you want it to use 2 cores to render, then you need to have twice as much ram as you would for 1 core to render. Start using 4 cores and the ram requirements are astronomical. Many people recommend having 8gb of ram if you want to run after effects with 4 cores.

true. which is why i am excited for CS4. Hopefully these issues will addressed in it ><
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Postby post-it » Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:01 pm

Originally, this board started out pushing Adobe Primere 5.0 until Virtual Dub and Sub Station Alpha were used for Subbing Videos. Currently, Sony's Vegas is the hot topic. -- if it works for you and you can get the file below 40meg for 3 minutes then it can be uploaded and shared.
-- its when your AMV is larger than 40meg that we have placed FAQ and Quick Tips through-out the site. . and, yes, they do allow up to 100meg files if you really "want to be known" as a Slop-Artist.

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