Help in buying a notebook

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Help in buying a notebook

Postby wakeRhythm » Wed Apr 25, 2007 1:02 am

Hey guys if you would take the time to read what I have written:
I am a dedicated video editor(using anime/real life footage) on a journey to find a new laptop. My budget is around $1500(AUDs) though I wouldn't mind saving up until I hit $2000. I would prefer a windows since I've never ever used a Macintosh but the Apple Macbook's are looking very promising. The main program I would use for it would be Avid Xpress Pro. Other programs would be: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Particle Illusion 3.0 and Sony Vegas(though I would happily give it up if I got a Mac). I also want a notebook that can perform tasks like Ripping footage from DVDs and video recorders with fairly good results. For space I'm thinking that I would only need around 60gb max since I have a 150gb external hd and for power I'm looking for atleast 2.5 hours battery life.

Thanks for reading. :twisted:

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Postby Willen » Wed Apr 25, 2007 9:31 am

I recommend getting at least these items (in order of importance):

CPU: I recommend a dual-core processor like the Intel Core 2 Duo which has improved multitasking and can encode video in less time. A Core Duo CPU is a little cheaper, but also less powerful. If your budget is really tight, an AMD Turion X2 is another option. Single-core CPUs are only if you are strapped for cash or really need a long battery life. I'd avoid Intel's Celeron or Pentium CPUs (single or dual-core), they aren't worth the performance trade-off unless you are really in need of cash.

RAM: 1GB minimum, more is recommended. Video editing is very RAM intensive.

Video: Integrated graphics should be OK, but if you can find one with discrete graphics with its own dedicated memory in your price range I'd go for that since it won't use (as much) main memory for video RAM. Discrete graphics do have a downside in that they can use more battery power compared to integrated stuff.

LCD: 14" or 15" is preferred, larger LCDs suck a lot of battery power. 13" may be a bit small, so I'd try viewing one first. The trade-off may be a bit longer battery life, though.

DVD Drive: This should be a must. Get a DVD-/+RW, speed shouldn't matter much.

As for everything else, especially since you mentioned HDD size isn't important, I won't list any recommendations unless you have other specific needs (built-in mic or camera for chat, TV out, etc.) and wireless LAN should be standard.

For notebooks you can walk into a store and buy:
This HP model is a bit pricey: HP Pavilion dv6207TX
Compaqs are cheaper, but use AMD Turions: Compaq Presario V3230AU
Toshibas are also pricey: Toshiba Satellite A100/400 for a 15" LCD, Toshiba Satellite M100/600 for a 14" LCD.

For a Dell:
The $1699 AUD Dell is better, but the $1399 one is not bad, especially if you prefer WinXP: Dell Inspiron 6400

Hopefully, this helps you a bit.
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Postby wakeRhythm » Thu Apr 26, 2007 7:09 am

Thanks Willen for your advice and suggestions. :wink:
The Toshiba Satellite A100/400 Notebook 15" LCD is great a good example of what I'm looking for, with it's price standing at $1679. Though I still want to hear other recommendations and opinions before I make any decisions.

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Postby guy07 » Fri Jun 01, 2007 2:07 pm

I edit solely on a laptop so i should be able to give some advice.

Brand name isn't that important, just avoid dell. I use a HP. I have a 17" wide screen monitor, true, it uses a bit more battery life but if you ask me it's worth it (either way, try to go wide screen). See if you can get a good video card, if you ask me that's as important as RAM, see if you can get something about 256 mb with a 200mhz+ over clock. The processor i use is a P4 3ghz and it works fine, but i think dual cores ARE a bit more powerful. RAM is important when editing, 1 gig is a good bet. I only use like 700 or so and it's a tad slow but livable. I hate to say it, but if you want a good editing machine, your going to have to get a computer that runs hard and is likely to eat your battery in no time, mine only lasts about 1 and 1/2 hours after a full charge.

NOW, here's a interesting thought i'd like to put in your head. To save some money, buy a external DVD burner. they only cost about 60 bucks and you can just keep a regular CD-ROM in your laptop. I don't see the point in things like 'light-scribe' and it can cost a bit more so unless you need it, screw it.

And if you want you add some cool stuff, get a wireless keyboard/mouse, hook up another monitor to your laptop, attach the ext. HD and you have a little but kick ass editing suite. If you do this, don't worry too much about the laptop monitor then, because when your editing you can just use the external one.
I'm assuming you have a sound system or use headphones, cuz naturally laptop speaker suck. I have special hardman/kamon or something speakers attached to mine so they have good volume and sound quality built in, but most laptop speakers fail hard.

Hope I helped a bit.

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