I have a Mac...Now what do I do?

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I have a Mac...Now what do I do?

Postby MoonCosmicPower » Sun Jul 07, 2002 12:16 pm

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2002 10:37 am    Post subject: Help needed MAJOR!
I am a mac user and I am interested in making AMV's. I have a 2 G4's to my dispose. one with OSX and the other OS9.2. Both have DVD ROM, and I know I have to rip the footage off the DVD's. i have not idea how to do this, let alone if i can do it for free. I am a student, still in high school, and not quite old enough to get a full fledged job. I need some serious advice, software, and tutoring, but I assure you that if I am able, I will make some AWESOME music videos for you guys. i am at an arts magnet school in my city and I want to put my creativity to use. I have tons of programs, like Adobe Premire and stuff like that. I use my dad's comp, so they are all his. Sorry I talk too much ^_^

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Re: I have a Mac...Now what do I do?

Postby jbone » Sun Jul 07, 2002 2:06 pm

MoonCosmicPower wrote:I need some serious advice, software, and tutoring, but I assure you that if I am able, I will make some AWESOME music videos for you guys.

OK, everyone, meet the 2395264th person who - with advice, software, and tutoring - will <I>definitely</I> make AWESOME music videos. :-D

(You don't know me, so I'll state outright that this is a joke, and not a personal attack. Whether or not you have the skills to make something good, I don't know, but we get an awful lot of similar posts here on the forum...)
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Postby GAlbright » Sun Jul 07, 2002 3:59 pm

Greetings, fellow Mac user!

Paul Quinell, AKA Red_Wolf7 (if I recall correctly), is in fact currently working on a FAQ for making AMVs on the Mac. I've been helping him out with it a bit. I don't know if/when he'll be done, though...

Yes, you can in fact rip DVDs for free on the Mac. And the FAQ will show you how, as soon as Paul makes it available.
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Postby GAlbright » Sun Jul 07, 2002 4:10 pm

Here's Red Wolf's site, BTW. Go tell him to hurry up and get that FAQ done. :)
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Postby Nightowl » Mon Jul 08, 2002 2:38 pm

Finally... at least there are SOME Mac users on this site after all. If you guys need any help at all with that Mac guide, I would love to help - gotta support fellow Mac users, eh?

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Postby Rheinhard » Fri Jul 12, 2002 5:02 pm

I am very pleased to see this topic. I have been using Macs almost as long as they have existed (college roomie introduced me to them in 1985), and several months ago halved my bank account getting my video editing dream machine - dual 800MHz G4 with Superdrive, dual 80Gb hard drives, and thanks to a friend still in college, Final Cut Pro 3 at the student rate. :D

However I also need to learn the info under discussion here - how to capture video from DVD for use in video work. I have no idea how to do this with the internal DVD drive. I figured that as a last resort, I can run an external DVD player into my digital video camera and then into the firewire port to capture video (as I must do for footage for which I only have LaserDisc source).

I have some specific ideas for about a half dozen videos that have been in my head for years in several cases (there is a "Legend of Galactic Heroes" video I've had storyboarded in my head since at least 1993...) I have made videos in the past as well, back in the misty days before A-Kon 3 in 1992, when I had access to a tape-to-tape editing suite using Hi8 and 3/4" UMatic tape. But I lost access to that system, and never had the wherewithal to try editing on home decks or computers until now.

Fortunately Brad deMoss pointed me to this site in discussions after Anime Expo last week (where I was the emcee of the masquerade, BTW, in case anybody saw that). I am glad to meet fellow Mac AMV people and look forward to sharing ideas. And I hope the FAQ mentioned above comes out soon! I want to try to put together a simple video before Anime Weekend Atlanta in September!
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Postby Red Wolf » Sun Jul 14, 2002 12:26 am

Better late than never to a topic, I guess :?

I am working on an AMV guide for Mac users. Currently the guide (which will be in the form of a web site) is about half done (the second version anyway, thanks again for the first draft help, GAlbright). It even has pretty screen shots to help you along :D

The guide will be done by August, maybe sooner. I've had to hold work on it for the next week or two while I try to get an AMV done for AWA which has a deadline of August 2. Once that video is done I'll work totally on finishing the guide and posting it. The guide will be designed for Mac OS X users but much of the information is useable in OS 9 and OS X and I'll release an OS 9 suppliment shortly after the main guide is posted.

The guide, as it stands now, will cover video and audio capturing on a Mac (main focus on DVD capturing), getting started with iMovie (you'll want to get a commercial book for all the details on iMovie or simply play with the program, it is real easier to learn), and compression and online posting options available to the Mac.

Anyone with any suggestions is more than welcome to contact me via email at red_wolf@mac.com. When done I'll announce the guide in my journal and all over this board. I might even annoy Phade about it once I get mass input.[/url]
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Postby GAlbright » Sun Jul 14, 2002 3:00 am

You know what?

I think it'd be cool if Mac AMV editors had their own forum...

If Phade won't do it, I could set one up on <i>my</i> site, <a href="http://www.anre.org/">Animation Republic</a>, as it already has a forum system all set up... And it doesn't use this ugly and annoying phpbb...
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Postby Red Wolf » Sun Jul 14, 2002 10:03 am

I don't know if we need our own forum. That would be like having a forum only for Premiere and then another one for other editors. These forums aren't exactly swamped at this point and this thread has had no anti-Mac postings thus far. I think as long as people with Mac questions but Mac in their title the rest of us will find them.

Besides, I have so many other forums to hit during the day I don't need one more on my bookmark list :wink:

For anyone who does want pure Mac (but not pure AMV) forums I suggest http://forum.macnn.com. I'm on there as Red Wolf as well and they have a handy Multimedia forum on there.
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Capturing Video and DVD

Postby Art Smoke » Wed Jul 17, 2002 2:09 pm

I started making AMV's in January this year, and I use a PowerMac 4 with Imovie. I can capture VHS and DVD using a Samsung combination DVD/VHS player that is connected to the Mac Firewire port through a "Hollywood" digital converter. It does well, I did have an AMV screened at AX this year, (Adagio for Fireflies), and it looked fairly good on the big screen. I'm not happy with exporting to VHS tapes, they don't seem to be very good, even after I splurged $100 on new cables. I still have not been able to burn a DVD on the Mac, the DVD program seems to be in a file that Imovie doesn't interface with, or maybe my ignorance with Macs, (I've been a lifelong PC User), is the reason. I'm looking forward to anything the rest of you can offer on using these fine machines.
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Postby Red Wolf » Wed Jul 17, 2002 4:03 pm

As I've stated before, my guide is focusing on DVD ripping for importing footage. Two reasons:

1. You get better quality
2. I don't own a Hollywood-DV Bridge :?

I would actually love to get detailed information on how y'all import from VHS/DVD sources using the Hollywood-DV Bridge. I know how the item works (I sell it at work after all) but I've never had the chance to use it myself.

If anyone could give me a walkthrough of how you use the Hollywood-DV Bridge I would love to have it for my guide in addition to the DVD ripping info I'm putting on there. Screen shots would be even nicer since the guide will be covered in the things (I'll teach anyone who needs to know how to it how). Naturally full credit will be given to any walkthroughs I use.
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Postby GAlbright » Wed Jul 17, 2002 7:50 pm


It's very easy. Ya just connect a FireWire cable out the back of the box to your Mac, and connect the DVD player or VCR to the front of the box with an S-Video cable or RCA cables (yellow-white-red). Launch iMovie, press Play on the DVD or VCR player, and click in the little camera icon on the control in the lower-left corner of iMovie. You'll see whatever video is going through the box appear in the viewing area. Fast-forward or rewind the disc or tape to a part you wanna capture, then press Play again and slap the Import button in iMovie. Click it again to stop capturing... and the scene appears in the tray. Repeat, repeat, repeat, then move the lower-left control back to the Flim icon and edit, edit, edit.

Other DV boxes will work the same way.

Really the hardest thing about it is remembering that the ports on the front of the box are for video in and the ports on the back are for video out. (They didn't label 'em for some reason...)

If you want to get really tricky, you can also hook up a video cable from the front of the box to a TV; the box will send video both digitally to your Mac and analogally (?) to your TV, so you can watch the footage that you're capturing on a TV instead of in iMovie's viewer. And, of course, you can also use the box to preview your AMV through the TV as you're working on it. Dazzle's decent manual will explain how to do most of this stuff.
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Postby GAlbright » Wed Jul 17, 2002 7:58 pm

Three more quick things:

I finally got my QT 6 registration number. Yay! Test encodings, here I come...

What's up with this .Mac bull#&@*??? I thought I paid for using iTools when I bought my Mac...

...And if you're going to write this into your FAQ, note that folks should connect their VCR or DVD player to the DV box using an S-Video cable, if possible; I don't know the technical stuff, but it's supposed to carry a higher-quality video signal than using RCA cables. If they want to capture sound (since the S-Video cable carries only a video signal, not an audio one), they can still hook up the red and white audio parts of the RCA cables between the VCR/DVD and the DV box, so that the video is captured via the S-Video cable and the audio is captured via the RCA cables. (Just don't connect the yellow RCA cable.)

And if they're making an AMV, then it might be a good idea to delete any audio they capture via this method and don't want in the final product by Edit:Select All (or maybe just selecting the scenes they wanna delete the audio from), Advanced:Extract Audio, then just slap the Delete key. Audio go bye bye.

By the way, I might be using the term "RCA cable" incorrectly...
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Postby Red Wolf » Wed Jul 17, 2002 9:18 pm

Thanks, I'm pasting your notes now for future use. I figured it was easy but it is always nice to have a complete guide where ever possible.

I'm afraid iTools is merely going the way MANY other Internet services are going. Actually, iTools is one of the major hold outs until today. I understood the issue and my concern was what they were going to do with my account since I had paid for 100MB of storage space in addition to the original 20MB that came free. Luckily Apple emailed me and stated that not only were they going to honor my extra space (which I figured they would) but they gave me the first year of .Mac for free. So for the $100 I paid a month ago or so I now have a .Mac account with 200MB of disk space.

I guess I need to make some more AMVs to fill up that extra 100MB I just picked up :?

$100 a year is hefty for some in this community but that's what 100MB extra space sold for with iTools before (which is really needed to host your AMVs in MPEG-1 format) and this gives a lot more features. Apple treated me better than I expect so I'm happy until this time next year when I need to pay.

Rather disappointed in QT 6. Nothing to do with MPEG-2 as hoped and MPEG-4 isn't really impressing me but then again it is really for streaming video which is not something I do. The keynote, which was done in MPEG-4 today, looked horrible on the G4 iMac with QT 6 we watched it on at work until I turned the screen resolution down to 480x600 and made sure everything our 1.5MB/s DLS line could provide was going into that one streaming video. Let me know if you find anything interesting in your test encodings.

So how did this turn into a Mac forum all of the sudden? Oh ya, MacWorld was today :P

Back to AMVs real quick. I have finish my second AMV *crowd cheers* So, once I have everything encoded, on CD, and in the mail box (give me a day or so, one of those weeks) for the cons I'll be putting all my creative efforts back into the Mac guide.
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Postby GAlbright » Wed Jul 17, 2002 10:27 pm

Actually, QuickTime 6 <i>can</i> import and play MPEG-2... <a href="http://www.apple.com/quicktime/products/mpeg2playback/">ya just gotta crack open your wallet and pull out another Jackson</a>. I haven't bought or tried it yet...

It won't encode MPEG-2, though... Still looking for a program that'll do that? Have ya heard about <a href="http://www.digigami.com/megapeg/">MegaPEG</a>? It seems to be a commercial product, but I don't see a price listed for it anywhere... maybe you have to download the demo thing first before it'll give you a number.
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