24 fps or 30 fps at 480p 720p 1366p?

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24 fps or 30 fps at 480p 720p 1366p?

Postby post-it » Sat Jun 22, 2013 3:45 pm

I've been seeing "way to many questions" about Frame Rate Issues lately and this should not be an issue when Editing! ( please sticky this. )

The frame rate is deturmaned by the Source Video.
48, 50 or 60fps.

There are ways of mixxing 23.97fps and 29.97fps at 120fps however THIS IS NOT ADVISED unlesd you "really know what your doing."

.. Some TVs advertize that they can handle 600fps and that they are 3D Compatable:
Q: which anime or tv program are you watching, unless it is a specailty viewing, that would possibly need such speed?
A: nothing recent that I'm aware of!

Those who will be answering question ( making tutorals ) will help you through these problems; and this board had some of the best AMVer's in the World. Trust their answers.

.. Mixxed Sources of Interlacing are always a problem and should be Illegal.

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Re: 24 fps or 30 fps at 480p 720p 1366p?

Postby l33tmeatwad » Sat Jun 22, 2013 9:47 pm

If you are looking to make a full detailed FAQ on framerate, please write out a full FAQ, and don't just half ass it like that post. Your post will honestly generate more questions than answer the way it is all worded...also, MOST anime is 24fps, I don't know of any that are full 30fps (not hybrid), and the few that are hybrid sources are just going to be difficult to work with and will generate questions.
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Re: 24 fps or 30 fps at 480p 720p 1366p?

Postby mirkosp » Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:34 am

l33tmeatwad wrote:I don't know of any that are full 30fps (not hybrid)

Most kids shows are animated at 29.97 nowadays (think Precure and Pokémon); there still tends to be the odd 23.976 scene here and there though, but most of the content is 29.97.

Also, this is important:

Q: Why would I want 600Hz?
A: Because that's the least common multiple of 24, 25, 30, 50, and 60. This enables the TV to be able to natively handle FILM, NTSC, and PAL footage, both progressive and interlaced, without any kind of motion stutter, nor does it need to interpolate or blend frames to achieve the smoothness. However, keep in mind that, once you get to a high enough refresh speed (100~120 Hz should generally be enough), the stutter wouldn't be humanly perceptible anymore, so 600 Hz isn't a necessity.

Another thing to note is that the framerate isn't necessarily determined by the source, whend doing AMVs. The framerate can be whatever the editor wants it to be. For experimental videos one might want to employ very low framerates, for examples, but even for more standard videos, depending on the amount of speed alteration the editor is planning out to use, changing the framerate to accomodate this is a good solution. This is actually the only way you'd get to 48fps nowadays since currently only the theater showing of The Hobbit is a 48fps source (blu-rays cannot be 48fps), barring web-distributed shorts and such other "oddities"; the 48fps AMVs out there are just speed ups or interpolations done by the AMVer to begin with.

As a final note, VFR isn't scary nor hard, neither to handle (at worst it's annoying) nor to make yourself (it is sometimes the better solution for MEPs, actually...); just that NLEs don't make it easy to do it.

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