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Postby treesloth » Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:41 pm

AMVs and there creation is something of much Love. Just think about it for a second...

...Alright, really the anime (or manga :) ) itself is a work of dedication and love, then the artist of the music is no different. Both these artists put there life into the work that they do, and it resonates with us so deeply that we feel the urge to put our own energy in to creating the AMVs with no compensation whatsoever. Is that not love or what.

Dig a little deeper and my thoughts on the phrase "God created man in his image" is that he created EVERYTHING, and that we might not resemble him, but have it inside all of us to create something. That something should bring love into the hearts and minds of everyone not FEAR. AMVs definitely do that, and would like to thank everyone who has ever created one. THANK YOU.

Wealth is measured in the good we do for other people. No man has faith unless he wishes for his neighbor what he wishes for himself.

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Not only are there good AMVs but there is details about the anime, cause if you've never seen it you can't relate to the AMV as deeply as was intended.

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