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AMV Visual Aids

Postby Phantasmagoriat » Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:21 pm

This thread is about visuals and imagery that may be helpful in understanding the technical side of AMV's. If you have anything visual that may be useful, post it. For me, I've been messing around with a free concept-mapping program called VUE, and here is something I came up with:

(Beginners Concept Map)

The Full Concept Map shows additional paths, like where non-DVD footage enters the process, and also includes methods 2 & 3, which makes everything look waaaay more complicated than it actually is, so I left them out in the Beginners version.

If the text is too small to read, larger sizes are also available here: Beginners | Full

Basically I wanted to show how all the files and programs interact with each other. It doesn't go too deep otherwise it would become quite cluttered and useless. For instance if I showed where codecs are involved, there would be a lot of redundant "decoding" and "encoding" labels everywhere. The main thing I wanted to illustrate is where avisynth/filters/dgindex/AvsPmod come in because that can be really confusing for some people.

Hopefully somebody will find this useful.
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Re: AMV Visual Aids

Postby Enigma » Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:44 pm

That's awesome.
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Re: AMV Visual Aids

Postby Qyot27 » Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:05 pm

I think I might use this for some DVD authoring diagramming. Since the guide I was writing for it keeps getting rewritten and scrapped because I'm not satisfied with my explanations. Doing it visually might be a lot easier to structure a guide around instead.
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