Support a new CD! "Legends: Fantasy Violin" by Julia Okrusko

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Support a new CD! "Legends: Fantasy Violin" by Julia Okrusko

Postby JuliaViolin » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:40 am

Hi everyone! I am working on an original fantasy music CD and I welcome everyone to check out the music at or KICKSTARTER for the project: ... um-release
Please help spread the word!!!!! - thank you :*


I started composing fantasy music in 2011, after performing with Video Game Orchestra at Boston Symphony Hall in April. After 20 years of pursuing a strictly classical music career - in just one week I was completely captivated by soundtracks of Final Fantasy VII, Lord of the Rings, Afrika, Metal Gear Solid... Within months after the concert my heart was so full of melodies, I couldn't help but start writing and playing what I came up with. Two years have gone by, and while classical performances and teaching remain a rewarding career, - I now have a dream of sharing my own music too.

"Legends: Fantasy Violin", a collection of 9 original tracks, will be released as a CD and digital download worldwide, and with your help I will be able to cover recording, mixing, mastering, cover design, and the manufacturing of the discs. While the official release is being planned in September 2013, you will be first to receive MP3s, CDs, and special rewards! I always thought it would be awesome to dedicate the music to people who support and love it, and this is a great chance for me to do so.

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