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The Dragonforce MEP

Postby Hiro The Dragon King » Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:13 pm

Back when EvaFan made started the Dragonforce MEP, I nabbed the MP3 mix of the project and my friends and I listened to it all the time. I had just put new speakers in my car (rigged up, but still) and I thought that the MP3 mix lacked a bit of quality. So, I ripped the first three Dragonforce CDs and threw the lossless tracks into Audacity, alongside the MP3 mix. I then proceeded to match the waveforms of the lossless tracks precisely to the MP3 mix's waveform. After matching all tracks up, I put in the proper fades and cuts and I had myself a nice lossless version of the Dragonforce MEP.

But, I was still unsatisfied with the first transition in the song. I looked around in Disciples Of Babylon and eventually found what I needed. I mixed three parts together and it came out with a much better transition, in my opinion. Unfortunately, between moving five or six times, three dead HDDs, and one missing HDD, I thought that I had lost it forever. The other night, I booted up my Xbox and saw my version sitting in one of the playlists and giggled a little. Earlier tonight, I found a 70MB file with no extension sitting in a random folder on one of my HDDs called, "Disciples Of Babylon." Curious, and slightly ecstatic, I opened it in VLC and surely enough, it was my FLAC export of the project. So, I decided that I would post it here.

Sifting through it now, more than two years later, I can hear all of the little imperfections it. Maybe in the future, I'll perfect it. Below are links to my lossless version, and the original version by EvaFan for comparison. Until today, I had not found the original source of the quote at the beginning, so that is not in my version. I found a FLAC version of the track it appears on so that I could add it to the mix. Thank you, EvaFan for providing one of the best mixtracks that I have ever heard.

The Dragonforce MEP (My Version)
The Dragonforce MEP (EvaFan's Version)

-Hiro TDK

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