Has anyone here ever heard of a band called Kix?

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Has anyone here ever heard of a band called Kix?

Postby KidEgo » Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:33 pm

Somebody I know got me into them recently. They're this balls to the wall, AC/DC-ish hard rock band. Their album Midnite Dynamite I think is a hard rock masterpiece. That's just my opinion though. The song they're best known for is Don't Close Your Eyes, but it's a pretty crappy song, and didn't define the band's style at all, and I think it ultimately destroyed them and ruined any future chances of success for them, and I think the song is also the reason they're considered some of the great unsung heroes of hard rock by many. Here are some Kix songs that are worth listening to:

Loco Emotion
Cold Shower (they experiment with funk on this song, and it's a favorite of mine)
Midnite Dynamite
Bang Bang (Balls Of Fire)
Get It While It's Hot
No Ring Around Rosie
She Dropped Me The Bomb
Cold Blood
Blow My Fuse
Girl Money
Cold Chills
Same Jane
Pants On Fire (Liar Liar)

The whole Midnite Dynamite album is great. Hot Wire is another good album they did.
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