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by vertor
Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:16 am
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Topic: ּ~=פ÷ΞЖΞ÷¤×=~ּ AMV Hell 5 ּ~=פ÷ΞЖΞ÷¤×=~ּ
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Re: ּ~=פ÷ΞЖΞ÷¤×=~ּ AMV Hell 5 ּ~=פ÷ΞЖΞ÷¤×=~ּ

I just mapped 3 buttons on a ps2 controller to lay down all of the transitions in AMV Hell 5. Not even joking. I don't undertand that, could someone please explain? After the preview showing last night at Otakon, I think I need to trim out 20 minutes by cutting videos shorter but not cut out any. W...

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