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Re: In terms of "oversync"...

"Oversync" does exist in music videos. And it's usually a bad thing. Unless it's done for a certain purpose (e.g. in order to achieve a dizzying effect or to depict a rapid and intense scene/situation; or even simply because the music is calling for it).
by DayWalker B.
Sun Jun 07, 2009 5:19 pm
Forum: General AMV
Topic: In terms of "oversync"...
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Re: Converting .mkv files!

SS4Gojetanks wrote:I'm sure several people have asked this in the past, [...]

Yes, plenty of times... Here and here, for example.
by DayWalker B.
Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:26 pm
Forum: Footage Help
Topic: Converting .mkv files!
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Re: free ops until end of week

by DayWalker B.
Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:15 pm
Forum: Opinion Exchange
Topic: free ops until end of week
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Re: First Video of 2009!

Really nice video. For one, it's pretty impressive due to the wide range of Miyazaki films and several memorable scenes used. I really liked how you arranged and transitioned those four songs and adjusted your editing and sync to each track accordingly; very well done on the mood sync/atmosphere gen...
by DayWalker B.
Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:17 pm
Forum: AMV Announcements
Topic: First Video of 2009!
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Re: The Legacy of The Saiyans

That really was a pretty fucking fast, non-stop action vid. :P This video reminded me a bit of the "Doomrider"-AMV, with the (mostly) chronological approach in terms of scene choice, the music style and such. But I liked your idea of showing different characters fight; those masks flying o...
by DayWalker B.
Mon Dec 29, 2008 2:32 pm
Forum: AMV Announcements
Topic: The Legacy of The Saiyans
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Re: New HypeOdermic Studios Video - "Black Sabbath"

Black Sabbath + Boogiepop Phantom; that's two things I like combined. :D I thought this video was very focused on the lyrics of the song with the use of so much direct lyric sync. Kind of unusual for me, but I liked it. Very nice atmosphere at the beginning and other slow parts and crazy editing for...
by DayWalker B.
Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:38 pm
Forum: AMV Announcements
Topic: New HypeOdermic Studios Video - "Black Sabbath"
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This was cool. It could've used some more impact/heavier action sync at parts and some of the overlays looked out of place to me, but altogether it's a nice action vid.
I liked the transition between the songs and the way you faded it out. Good job.
by DayWalker B.
Sat Nov 08, 2008 3:08 pm
Forum: AMV Announcements
Topic: Easy to Break
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I might be wrong, but it looks like you're trying to use DIVX/XVID (or any other lossy codec for that matter) files in Vegas, which you shouldn't, as it may give you strange errors like those you encountered. For more info read this.
by DayWalker B.
Fri Oct 31, 2008 1:04 pm
Forum: Sony Vegas
Topic: Vegas coppying odd frames from other tracks.
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Good trailer, I liked the subtle glows you used here, and Cowboy Bebop was a perfect match for the audio.
by DayWalker B.
Fri Oct 24, 2008 10:04 am
Forum: AMV Announcements
Topic: Max Payne
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Honesty, strength, reputation (which ideally accompanies the other two), etc... that's some of the stuff I associate with the word 'honor'.
by DayWalker B.
Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:08 pm
Forum: AMV Suggestions
Topic: What does Honor mean to you?
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Lol, 'I LL NINO'... I downloaded the file from the indirect link, the aspect ratio seems correct, but the quality still looks a little fuzzy. Anyway, good job on the action sync, as I said, and nice credits by the way. This is arguably your best vid yet.
by DayWalker B.
Fri Oct 10, 2008 11:12 am
Forum: AMV Announcements
Topic: I Can Not Live AMV
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Really nice vid, it captured the trailer audio very well and matched the atmosphere too. Editing and sync was pretty nicely done altogether, but I thought a few scenes were cut off a bit too fast. Everything else was fine though; really liked the action sync starting from 1:03. Good job. :up:
by DayWalker B.
Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:30 pm
Forum: AMV Announcements
Topic: Round 2: My 50th Video! (AWA Pro)
Replies: 31
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If you haven't already read this: ... tqual.html - good place to get started with AviSynth filters and such.
by DayWalker B.
Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:57 pm
Forum: Video & Audio Help
Topic: Vdubmod Filters.
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The Ergo Proxy AMV was cool. I thought the scene selection was quite coherent and went well with the song. Editing itself was pretty solid too, but the sync felt kind of dull at parts in my opinion. Overall, it's a nice little video though and a good character profile as well.
by DayWalker B.
Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:41 pm
Forum: AMV Announcements
Topic: NDK '08 Entries - Cogito Awakening, Winter's Toll
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